Covid-19 Guidelines

Following the recent government announcement in regard to the easing of lockdown restrictions, St.Catherine’s A.C. are planning a resumption of training activities at the Conna Community Pitch. Dates will be announced via the club’s WhatsApp messaging. At a minimum training will adhere to Athletics Ireland Covid-19 guidelines, however, the club reserves the right to place further restrictions as it sees fit in order to meet its capacity for, and obligation to safe training for all concerned.

The following provides details on conditions for training, how to register for training, a Screening Questionnaire, and links to Athletics Ireland Covid-19 information.


Terms for Training

The following are terms and conditions the club is placing on the resumption of training until further notice. These should be read and understood by all athletes, and the parents of juvenile athletes prior to the return to training.

Booking a training session with the club – see below – is an acceptance of these terms and conditions. Anyone who does not agree with all of these terms should not attend training.

  • Normal Athletics Ireland insurance will cover athletes during training.
  • Until further notice training will be restricted to those born in 2007 and prior.
  • Training will be restricted to once a week and will be held outdoors. There will be no indoor training.
  • Attendance at training must be booked on-line using the directions and link below. Anyone who presents themselves for training without booking will not be allowed to train.
  • Attendance at training is conditional on the completion and return of the Screening Questionnaire below, and verbal acceptance at subsequent training sessions.
  • Training groups will be limited to 15 people, including coaches. More than one group will be allowed to train at the same time providing suitable distancing can be maintained, and the club has sufficient capacity to manage the groups.
  • Training will be limited to middle distance running and sprinting, in order to minimize the use of equipment.
  • At all times during training, athletes must conform to coaches’ directions on maintaining social distancing. Athletes will be reminded of these at the start of each training session and at regular intervals.
  • Athletes must attend training with their own sanitization which must be used prior to training, at regular intervals during training, and prior to leaving training.
  • Parents/friends providing transport to and from training will remain in their cars.


Booking a Training session

Until further notice, it will be necessary to pre-book attendance at each and every training session using the Athletics Ireland on-line App below. The club will actively use the resulting list to limit attendance at the training sessions. Note, the App requires the use of the Athletics Ireland Lifetime Registration numbers for each member attending. Please text the club on 087-7738346 if you do not know your numbers.


Screening Questionnaire

Athletics Ireland stipulate that the following screening questionnaire should be completed prior to attendance.  St. Catherine’s A.C. request that this is completed and returned for each individual at their first attendance at training. The questions contained will be verbally repeated at subsequent training sessions. If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions or have indicated you have symptoms of Covid-19 you should not attend training.


Athletics Ireland Covid-19 Page

Athletics Ireland maintain Covid-19 guidelines on their website. These form the basis for St. Catherine’s A.C. own policies.