Results of the Summer Race Series – Lacken 10km 8th August

Well done to everyone who completed the last in our summer series. It was great to see so many out and taking on the hills.

1Noel Early38:31
2Cian Dunning39:43
3Dave O'Connor40:58
4John Beecher41:02
5Stephen Collins42:02
6Pat Costigan42:05
7Keith Barry42:27
8Jonathan Kenneally43:00
9Richie Lynch43:09
10Chris O'Connell43:54
11Brendan Hickey44:32
12Sarah Mulcahy45:11
13Kieran Harte45:41
14Breda Lynch45:42
15Declan Clancy46:56
16John Power48:11
17Pat Bransfield48:44
18Sam Dunning50:30
19Laura O'Flynn50:42
20Paul O'Flynn50:42
21Richard Morrisson51:52
22Seamus Keane52:28
23Denis McCarthy56:05
24Noreen Daly57:57
25Fiona Higgins59:23
26Paul Higgins59:23
27Marguriette Flynn1:00:35
28Ian Hegarty1:06:55

Results of the Summer Series – 5 mile 11th July 2023

Well done to all running on a lovely night to take on the small hill up to Ballynoe

1Cian Dunning31:41
2John Beecher31:46
3Dave O'Conner32:05
4Richie Lynch33:15
5Stephen Collins33:45
6Sarah Mulcahy34:33
7Brendan Hickey34:41
8Kieran Harte36:10
9John Mulcahy36:27
10Breda Lynch36:40
11David Barry36:56
12Declan Clancy37:45
13Alan Carr38:02
14Pat Bransfield38:59
15Laura O'Flynn40:17
16Paul O'Flynn40:41
17Steve Dunning42:39
18Adam Blaiklock43:35
19Denis McCarthy44:00
20Catherine Clancy44:50
21Noreen Daly47:11
22Kathleen Keane47:38
23Marguerite O'Flynn47:38
24Siobhan Hayes47:57
25Ian Hegerty48:22

Club workshop with APC

We are looking to host a club workshop for our Adult runners with Avondhu Physio Therapy on 7th April at 7pm.

We need a minimum of 8 / max 12 for the session to go ahead so if interested can you please contact Mike Byrne

Details from Pa Hanley below as follows


1. Club members or other interested runners / athletes reserve their spot

20 euro

For this price people will get.

Slide presentation with key areas to consider for runners , injury management, building strength , robustness and load management .

3. Workshop & Testing-
Each attendee will be tested through a battery of tests that will help ID any imbalances , weakness
, core or flexibility issues .

4. Each person will receive their scores on the night with a brief appraisal of results and advice.

5. Special offers on the night for any block booking for physio , rehab and strength programing , classes or sports massage.

At least this way people will get a lot more personalised into from the night for then to confidentially work on.

The whole thing will take about 75 minutes .

How to Train as a Midlife Woman – Dungarvan

On the day, many athletes requested details of further workshops in the area for friends or family. There will be 2 workshops in Dungarvan, Co Waterford in the coming month that may be of interest. Dungarvan is 60 mins from Cork city.

How to Train as a Midlife Triathlete – Saturday 11th March 9.00-1.00 pm – LINK TO BOOK

How to train as a Midlife Runner – Saturday 1st April 9.00-1.00 pm BOOKING LINK

This workshop will provide you with practical solutions and science-based strategies for active women to help you to continue to perform as you age.

How to train as a Midlife Woman Content:

  • Answering the big question ‘why does exercise feel so hard’
  • Making exercise choices – how do different types of training benefit you or feel really hard – Why is this?
  • Training for a race – the differences between a traditional training plan and one in Menopause
  • Why have I slowed down so much & how do I get faster now?
  • What strength training really is (and isn’t)
  • The importance of recovery
  • Why am I always injured


Nutrition – How best to support ourselves

  • Understanding body shape changes/weight gain
  • Joining the dots between menopause, exercise, nutrition, recovery & cortisol – Why am I doing everything ‘right’ but gaining weight
  • How do we nourish our bodies before, during, and after exercise?
  • Why are we craving foods?
  • How do I increase my protein intake?
  • What are the practical solutions and the small steps we can make for long-term sustainable change?


Understanding menopause and midlife…. It’s not me it’s my hormones!

  • Why it happens, recognising symptoms, what you can do and how to take control of menopause.
  • What is perimenopause and menopause and how is it diagnosed.
  • What are the main symptoms
  • How to get the right help and support to help you take control of your menopause at work and home
  • HRT Risks & Benefits

Overall results after 4 races of Summer Series 2022

Final results of Summer Series 2022

3km – 3rd May – Garryanne

5km – 7th June – Ballynoe

5 mile – 12th July – Shanakil

10km – 2nd August – Lacken

NameOverall Position3km Time5km Time5 mile10 kmOverall Time
Richie Lynch100:11:5300:21:1500:33:5500:43:3901:50:42
Stephen Collins200:12:4000:20:1500:35:0100:43:2301:51:19
John Mulcahy300:11:2100:21:0300:35:0400:45:1801:52:46
Chris O'Connell400:11:4300:21:3800:37:0900:46:3201:57:02
Kieran Harte500:12:0800:22:0000:36:4100:46:4501:57:34
Kevin Hayes600:12:3600:22:4300:36:4800:45:5501:58:02
Breda Lynch700:12:4500:23:1400:37:5500:48:3302:02:27
Ted O'Leary800:12:4500:24:5600:38:2700:47:3502:03:43
Kieran Murphy900:12:3400:22:5000:39:0400:50:5902:05:27
Paul O'Flynn1000:12:4800:23:1400:40:3500:49:0102:05:38
Frances Barry1100:13:4300:24:0300:38:5900:49:5102:06:36
Denis McCarthy1200:13:2000:23:5800:39:4600:49:4802:06:52
Laura O'Flynn1300:13:0200:23:2500:40:3500:51:3202:08:34
Noreen Daly1400:14:5800:27:1900:45:4000:56:3002:24:27
Fiona Fitzgerald1500:16:2500:29:4000:53:0201:01:1502:40:22
Aisling Collins1600:15:5400:29:0900:55:2501:08:1102:48:39

Results of 10km Summer Series 2022

The following are the results of the Summer Series 5km event which took place tonight in Shanakil, and a link to previous results and overall standings to date

3km – 3rd May – Garryanne

5km – 7th June – Ballynoe

5 mile – 12th July – Shanakil

10km – 2nd August – Lacken (below)

Overall Series Results

1Pat Costigan00:40:07
2Stephen Collins00:43:23
3St John O Conner00:43:37
4Richie Lynch00:43:39
5John Mulcahy00:45:18
6Kevin Hayes00:45:55
7Chris O'Connell00:46:32
8Keiran Harte00:46:45
9Darren Flynn00:46:48
10Declan Clancy00:47:20
11Ted O'Leary00:47:35
12Breda Lynch00:48:33
13Paul O'Flynn00:49:01
14Denis McCarthy00:49:48
15Francis Barry00:49:51
16Keiran Murphy00:50:59
17Laura O'Flynn00:51:32
18Liam Barry00:51:57
19Catherine Clancy00:54:28
20Noreen Daly00:56:30
21Siobhan Hayes00:59:03
22Teresa Leahy00:59:56
23Fiona Fitzgearld01:01:15
24Donal Howard01:03:37
25Fran O'Regan01:06:00
26Sarah O'Connor01:06:01
27Trina Barry01:07:43
28Aisling Collins01:08:11
29Caroline McCarthy01:12:51

Overall results after 3 races of Summer Series 2022

Overall results after 3 races of Summer Series 2022

NameOverall Position3km Time5km Time5 mileOverall Time
Trevor Geary100:10:2700:18:3300:30:4100:59:41
Keith Barry200:11:0600:20:2300:33:2701:04:56
Richie Lynch300:11:5300:21:1500:33:5501:07:03
John Mulcahy400:11:2100:21:0300:35:0401:07:28
Stephen Collins500:12:4000:20:1500:35:0101:07:56
Chris O'Connell600:11:4300:21:3800:37:0901:10:30
Kieran Harte700:12:0800:22:0000:36:4101:10:49
Kevin Hayes800:12:3600:22:4300:36:4801:12:07
Breda Lynch900:12:4500:23:1400:37:5501:13:54
Kieran Murphy1000:12:3400:22:5000:39:0401:14:28
Ted O'Leary1100:12:4500:24:5600:38:2701:16:08
Paul O'Flynn1200:12:4800:23:1400:40:3501:16:37
Frances Barry1300:13:4300:24:0300:38:5901:16:45
Laura O'Flynn1400:13:0200:23:2500:40:3501:17:02
Denis McCarthy1500:13:2000:23:5800:39:4601:17:04
Noreen Daly1600:14:5800:27:1900:45:4001:27:57
Fiona Fitzgerald1700:16:2500:29:4000:53:0201:39:07
Aisling Collins1800:15:5400:29:0900:55:2501:40:28

Results of the Summer Series – 5mile 12th July

The following are the results of the Summer Series 5km event which took place tonight in Shanakil, and a link to previous results and overall standings to date

3km – 3rd May – Garryanne

5km – 7th June – Ballynoe

5 mile – 12th July – Shanakil (below)

10km – 2nd August – Lacken

Overall Series Results

1Seamus McSweeny00:30:23
2Trevor Geary00:30:41
3John Murphy00:31:22
4John Beecher00:32:51
5Keith Barry00:33:27
6Bill O'Keeffe00:33:49
7Richie Lynch00:33:55
8Steve Collins00:35:01
9John Mulcahy00:35:04
10Kieran Harte00:36:41
11Kevin Hayes00:36:48
12Chris O'Connell00:37:09
13Keith Buckley00:37:31
14Breda Lynch00:37:55
15Ted O'Leary00:38:27
16Samuel Winkler00:38:56
17Frances Barry00:38:59
18Kieran Murphy00:39:04
19Denis McCarthy00:39:46
20Laura O'Flynn00:40:35
21Paul O'Flynn00:40:35
22Catherine Clancy00:43:16
23Roisin Ronayne00:43:16
24Noreen Daly00:45:40
25Ger Sheehan00:46:41
26Donal Howard00:46:48
27Sean Madden00:52:31
28Sarah O'Connor00:53:02
29Fiona Fitzgerald00:53:02
30Aishling Collins00:55:25
31Fran O'Regan00:55:25

East Cork Track Championships 2022

Entries are now open for the East Cork Athletics Division Senior, Junior & Master T&F Championships on Tuesday, 21st June at Colaiste an Chroi Naofa, Carraig na Bhfear.

This is always a fun night and a great opportunity for people to try their hand at T&F in a relaxing atmosphere as well as giving the more seasoned track athletes a chance to see how their training is going.

Can club/competition secretary’s email entries to  Closing date Saturday, 18th June by 10 pm.

Races confined to AAI registered athletes with clubs affiliated to the East Cork Athletics Division.

Entry Fee €5.00. Entry Fee will be taken at the gate.

You can also get a taste of what to expect in the following video courtesy of Carraig na bhFear AC: Video

There are events from 100m up to 3000m for Junior, Senior and Masters Men and Women.