Conna Ring 5mi

The Conna 5 mile ring takes you from steeple to steeple along both sides of the River Bride. Starting in Conna village you head out the Fermoy road past Conna National school. From there there is an incline up to Ballybride cross after you pass 1 mile. Nice flat running for the next mile though until you get to Upper Aghern where you take a left down to Aghern bridge and the Church. From there its uphill towards The Big Tree bar where you take a left on the road back to Conna (at this point you have 3 miles done). You will pass the water spout and there is a slight downhill towards the woods where you begin to climb (be extra careful to watch out for traffic here as there are a few dangerous bends but once you finish the climb and pass mile 4 its nice running back into Conna.

*IMPORTANT (BE SAFE, BE SEEN) – A high visibility running top or safety bib should be worn at all times when running on the road!!!