Fit4Life takes place every Wednesday evening, and new members are always welcome. Firstly Wednesdays are very sociable and cater for all levels of fitness. So for anyone reading this, if you want to improve your fitness and need motivation with the company of others, Conna Pitch is the place to be on a Wednesday night. Fit4Life is for all. Most nights include a warm up period followed by a structured cardio phase and then a warm down. However if you would like to walk in the company of others and increase your stride and stamina, this is for you also. For those of you who may be thinking about learning to run, this is also the place to be as programmes can be tailored for your needs! Some of the group take to  roads for a 5k or 5 mile loop. Imagine you could be running 5km in just a few weeks. Everyone has to start somewhere and it is always easier in the company of others.

Our couch to 5k program is available here

Remember increased fitness can add years to your life and life to your years!