Overall Results of the Summer Series 2024

3km 14th May

5km 11th June

5M 16th July

10km 13th August

1Ellie Barry0:12:210:22:180:34:39
2Kieran Harte0:13:080:22:450:35:53
3Breda Lynch0:12:280:23:290:35:57
4Liam Barry0:13:280:22:370:36:05
5Pat Bransfield0:13:330:24:300:38:03
6Laura O'Flynn0:13:550:24:440:38:39
7Paul O'Flynn0:15:020:24:530:39:55
8Patricia Barry0:15:550:27:300:43:25
9Denis McCarthy0:15:480:28:230:44:11
10Aisling Collins0:16:140:28:430:44:57
11Marguerite Flynn0:16:450:29:370:46:22
12Caoimhe Hayes0:17:170:29:570:47:14

Results of the Summer Series 5km Race – 11th June

Well done to all who ran the second race in the summer series this year. Results are below.

Stephen Collins10:20:02
Ellie Barry20:22:18
Liam Barry30:22:37
Kieran Harte40:22:45
Breda Lynch50:23:29
Pat Bransfield60:24:30
Laura O'Flynn70:24:44
Paul O'Flynn80:24:53
Patricia Barry90:27:30
Denis McCarthy100:28:23
Aisling Collins110:28:43
Marguerite Flynn120:29:37
Caoimhe Hayes130:29:57

St Catherine’s A.C. Summer Series – 3km Results

The first race of our summer series took place this evening in Garryanne, with 25 runners taking part in the 3km event on the out-and-back course.

Rsults are below, well done to all who took part.

Kenneth O'Connell110:32
Mike Byrne210:38
Dave O'Connor310:53
John Beecher411:42
Ellie Barry512:21
Breda Lynch612:28
David Barry712:31
Brendan Hickey812:52
Kieran Harte913:08
Liam Barry1013:28
Pat Bransfield1113:33
Laura O'Flynn1213:55
Pat Costigan1314:32
Sarah Mulcahy1414:45
Paul O'Flynn1515:02
Siobhan Hayes1615:24
Kieran Murphy1715:28
Denis McCarthy1815:48
Teresa Leahy1915:52
Patricia Barry2015:55
Mia Keane2115:55
Kathleen Keane2216:01
Aisling Collins2316:14
Marguerite Flynn2416:45
Caoimhe Hayes2517:17

Results of the 3km Time Trial – 2nd April

Kenneth O'Connell111:57
Charlotte Norman212:31
Ryan Whelan312:56
John Mulcahy413:27
Breda Lynch513:28
Ellen O'Keeffe613:58
Kieran Harte714:02
Laura O'Flynn814:59
Steve Dunning90:00
Clodagh Hayes1015:22
Sophia O'Sullivan1116:10
Tessa O'Leary1217:19
Aisling Collins1317:20
Rioghan O'Sullivan1419:59

Results of the 3km Time Trial – 5th March

Kenneth O'Connell111:17
Cian Dunning211:22
Charlotte Norman312:20
Oscar Cunningham412:32
Ryan Whelan513:00
Sarah Mulcahy613:09
Brendan Hickey713:11
John Mulcahy813:19
Ellen O'Keeffe914:05
Kieran Harte1014:06
Laura O'Flynn1114:30
Evan Sheehan1214:32
Ted O'Leary1314:46
Peter Ryan1415:03
Clodagh Hayes1615:35
Teegan Murphy1715:43
Tessa O'Leary1815:59
Marguerite Flynn1917:21
Aisling Collins2017:38

Results of the 3km Time Trial – 6th February

Kenneth O'Connell111:53
Oscar Cunningham212:23
Sarah Mulcahy312:24
Charlotte Norman412:25
Ciara Hayes512:26
Aimee Kearney612:46
Brendan Hickey713:18
John Mulcahy813:36
Kieran Harte914:10
Amy O'Connell1014:31
Laura O'Flynn1215:02
Peter Ryan1315:09
Ellen O'Keeffe1415:11
Teegan Murphy1515:31
Aileen Hurley1615:43
Brian Flynn1715:56
Rioghan O'Sullivan1816:49
Layla McNamara1916:50
Sophia O'Sullivan2017:02
Tessa O'Leary2117:12
Aisling Collins2217:42
Kate O'Connell2318:11

Results of the 3km Time Trial – 9th January

Dave O'Connor111:56
Sarah Mulcahy213:05
Oscar Cunningham313:17
Brendan Hickey413:19
John Mulcahy513:26
Ciara Hayes613:49
Breda Lynch714:17
Lara Byrne814:31
Declan Clancy914:33
Kieran Harte1114:42
Kaylee O’Connor1215:05
Laurence O'Connor1315:06
Laura O'Flynn1415:18
Ted O'Leary1515:57
Teegan Murphy1616:06
Peter Ryan1716:08
Marguerite Flynn1817:46
Tessa O'Leary1917:51
Ian Hegarty2018:38

Christmas 3km in aid of St Vincent de Paul

Well done to all who took part in our annual St Vincent de Paul Charity 3km in Conna field tonight.

It was a great turnout of both runners and supporters, and through the generosity of everyone who contributed to the donation bucket tonight, the club raised a whopping €1050 for SVP at this important time of year.  Many thanks to all for your support!

Combined results of the two 3km races are below.

PositionName   Time   
1Jack Lezsek11:17
2Cian Dunning12:06
3Steven Carr12:17
4Ronan Geaney12:41
5Dave O'Connor12:44
6Charlie Nicholson12:53
7Aimee Kearney13:16
8John Beecher13:34
9Charlotte Norman13:37
10Roisin Ahern13:43
11Adam Fitzgerald13:54
12Oscar Cunningham13:54
13Ciara Hayes14:12
14Brendan Hickey14:17
15John Mulcahy14:30
16Cillian Fitzgerald14:32
17Aoife O'Connor14:34
18Sophie O'Connor14:35
19Junior Sheehan14:46
20Sean Cummins14:54
21Sheila Ahern14:56
23Fionn O'Connor15:05
24James Beecher15:05
25Lara Byrne15:06
26Kieran Harte15:06
27Ciara O'Connell15:08
28Ellen O'Keeffe15:16
29Ellie Barry15:18
30Ella Higgins15:26
31Luke Kearney15:27
32Paul O'Connell15:31
33Grace Higgins15:31
34Cian O'Neill15:34
35Tom O'Keeffe15:48
36Jamie Hall16:06
37Dee Milburne16:07
38Ciaran O'Connor16:22
39Robbie Petriepaulo16:25
40Tesd O'Leary16:26
41Eimear O'Brien16:36
42Catherine Clancy16:51
43Charlie O'Donovan17:06
44Teegan Murphy17:10
45Amy O'Connell17:12
46Aileen Hurley17:24
47Sarah Mai Clancy17:29
48Sophie O'Sullivan17:32
49Tessa O'Leary17:40
50Dennis McCarthy17:48
51Maeve Higgins18:01
52Darragh Fitzgerald18:02
53Roisin O'Connor18:12
54Siobhan Hayes18:24
55Patricia Barry18:27
56Sean O'Keeffe18:32
57Aidan Barry18:46
58Annette Fitzgerald18:53
59James Bryan18:55
60Sarah O'Connell18:58
61Marguerite Flynn19:03
62Claire O'Flynn19:44
63Laura O'Flynn19:46
64David Temple19:53
65Rioghan O'Sullivan20:18
66Kate O'Connell20:19
67Fiona Fitzgerald20:44
68Ross Montgomery21:06
69Tom Montgomery21:07
70Sean Lynch21:07
71Breda Lynch21:10
72Sean Flynn21:12
73Sophie O'Flynn21:54
74Paul O'Flynn22:22

December 4th roundup

National Uneven Age Cross Country Championship

You would think when we hit December things would start to quieten down but not in athletics. We had a big group of juvenile members who headed to Navan for the National uneven age cross country championships and our athletes put in top class performances as usual. The Under 11s got the races under way and Ailish Bourke (24th), Ciara O’Connell (45th), Sophie O’Connor (56th) and Molly Casey (61st) made sure the team came home with National team Bronze medal. In a race with close to 200 runners it was great to see each of our members right at the front of the race. All the girls were part of the Cork team that finished 5th. On to the U11 boys and where Ronan put in the performance of the day with a 2nd place overall, what an amazing run with almost 180 athletes that is a huge achievement. With Adam Fitzgerald, Alex Keane, Sean Cummins, Cillian Fitzgerald and James Beecher joining Ronan the team managed a 4th place overall. To put that into context, there were 18 of the best teams from across Ireland at this and this team are now 4th best in Ireland and there was the smallest of gaps between 3rd and 4th. Plenty more to come from this group.

Then on to the Under 15 girls where Aimee continues to impress with 23rd overall in a field of 165 runners. This place meant Aimee was a scorer on the Cork team that took Gold and was enough to help Munster to Silver. Then in the U17 girls Charlotte Norman was 48th overall in a race of approx. 120 athletes. This was a high enough position to be a scorer on the Cork team that just missed out on bronze.

Waterford Half Marathon

Well done to Mike Byrne and Roisin Ronayne who both ran PBs, Stephen Collins, Chris O’Connell and Frances Barry who raced the Waterford half in very cold conditions on Saturday morning. Great times posted by all.

Newmarket 5km

Stephen Carr made the trip to Newmarket for the extremely popular 5km and put in a great race to finish bang on 18 minutes. Not long before he will go sub 18.  John Morrisson was as consistent as ever in a geat time of 24:36.


Valencia Marathon

While Aimee was putting in a storming performance in Navan her parents were running the streets of Valencia. Well done to both Shane and Michelle on great times, it was no doubt slightly warmer there.


St Vincents De Paul 3km Charity run

On Tuesday 12th we will host our annual charity run in Conna Community field from 7pm. This is a fun event and we want to see as many as possible turning up to support St Vincents de Paul charity. Everything raised goes directly to the charity.

Race update Nov 21

On the roads

We had several members racing on the roads over the weekend and we will start with the BHAA Clearstream 5km which was held on the roads around the marina on Sunday morning. A flat course was met with a stiff breeze for the last 2km but that didn’t stop Senan O’Reilly posting a time of 16:38. It has had us searching through the record books and we believe this is the fastest time posted by a club member over the 5k distance. A hugely impressive performance by one of our younger members helped him to finish 7th overall in a field of almost 500 people. A lot more to come from Senan in the future. Also in this race Jonathan Kenneally finished in a time of 19:27

Next up we had 2 members who head to Waterford on Saturday for the Beat the Train race on the Greenway. This event is a hugely popular race that sells out each year and raises funds for Down Syndrome Ireland. We can confirm both members beat the train. Adam Blaiklock finished in 1:23 followed closely by Declan Clancy in 1:25. Well done to both and the word is that they both would recommend people to get out and do this race next year.

And the other race was held in Cloyne with the 1st of the Cloyne Commons Winter 4km series started. This is 5 races over the coming months on the same course and if you complete 4 you receive high-tech t-shirt. Noel Early was 1st home in 15:55, after picking up an injury half away around he pushed through to get it done. Bill O’Keeffe was next followed by Breda Lynch who was out again after her great marathon run in Dublin. We then had Jamie O’Connor, Frances Barry, Adam O’Connor, Deirdre Milbourne and Ella O’Connor who all did really well on this 4km loop.