St. Catherine’s take part in the National Juvenile Cross Country Championships

Congratulations to Laura, Caoimhe and Meghan who recently competed in the All Ireland Juvenile Cross Country Championships which took place in Dundalk on Sunday Nov 23rd and Santry on Sunday 7th Dec. Between them the girls represented County Cork and Munster and won a combination of medals. We are very proud of the girls and everything they achieved. Shortly after their race in Dundalk, one of our senior athletes, Sara, took the opportunity to interview the girls about the day and their experiences:-


Q: Was the day any different to a normal day’s racing?

A: Yes it was because there were tons at the start and there was a rope in front of you so you couldn’t step over the line.

Q: Which County do you think was the best attended and how many people were there in the race?

A: Most people were from Dublin and there were about 115 in the race.

Q: How did you feel at the starting line?

A: I felt quite nervous.

Q: Would you like to experience it again?

A: Yes I would.

Q: What was the distance of the race and how did you think you would do?

A: It was 4km long and I felt I would do OK.

Q: What was the terrain like?

A: It was a boggy pitch!


Q: How was the day in Dundalk?

A: It wasn’t as big as a normal All Ireland because we were just back from England and so I was tired, but the atmosphere was good.

Q: Was there much mud in the race?

A: Not as much as other cross countries I have run in but there was still a good bit.

Q: Was the course any easier than other days?

A: It wasn’t a very hard course, it was very flat because it was through pitches but I wouldn’t have said it was easy either.

Q: How did you feel after the race?

A: Tired but I was kind of satisfied with where I came and how I got on.

Q: What was the terrain like?

A: It was fine but a bit rough in places because it was like pitches so the ground wasn’t perfect.


Q: How did you find the race?

A: It was good but some of it was hard.

Q: And how many people were in the race, and how far did you have to run?

A: Probably about 200 in the race and the distance was on 2.5km.

Q: What colours did you wear and were you proud to wear them?

A: Yes I was. I wore the Munster jersey and shorts.

Q: Were relatives and friends present to cheer you on?

A: Yes, Laura Hayes and Caoimhe Hayes were there.

Q: Do you enjoy running for St. Catherine’s?

A: Yes I do.

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