Senior Training

Winter Training:
Winter training runs from September to March. Training every Tuesday night @ 7pm at Conna Community Field (Just outside Conna on the Tallow road). Training starts with a warm up (and stretching) before the session commences at 7:20pm). The session normally takes 20 minutes and ends with a 20 minute cool down.

Interval training
This session is made up of 8 * 400/300 meter intervals and ending with a cool down jog.

3km Time Trial
On the first Tuesday of every month we have a 4km time trial. This is an excellent opportunity to get some feedback on your progress.

Other Training
*Note that this is the only scheduled adult training session for the week but from this session the team will organise further reoccurring sessions for the week (recovery, hill & further interval sessions along with longer distance road running)

Summer Events & Sessions

The Monday mile series takes place during the summer (end Apr to end Jun) (every Monday at 8:15pm) at Conna Community Field

John and Kevin on the final lap

John and Kevin on the Monday mile – Last lap