4k Series 2012/2013

St. Catherine’s A.C. 4k runs 2012-2013

This winter training season the senior club introduced a monthly 4k lapped time trial. We had some great participation in this session. Well done to everyone who put in the hard work on those wet winter nights. Here are the results…
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 2/10/2012 5/11/2012 3/12/2012 8/1/2013 4/2/2013 11/3/2013 
John Beecher115.1O215.13115.34115.52116.25215.31
Michael Byrne215.11517.59215.50215.53316.35115.21
Denis McCarthy315.21316.01516.40617.41316.10
Kevin Hayes416.19316.06416.10316.33416.20
Bill O'Keeffe516.21
Johnny Sheenhan617.02619.12917.55717.45
Brian Davis717.48416.40617.191018.03918:00617.19
Shane Fitz115.02216.21
Ed Galvin517.42517.17717.121018.03
Vinny McCarthy619.12
Paul Higgins722.26
Nigel Carrol416.39517.24
Brian O'Connor617.09
Maurice Tobin1118.51
Junior Sheehan817.52817.50
Batt Sheehan1223.07
Padraig O Connor416.54
Shane O Brien1118.11
Padraig Cotter1118.11
Liam O Connor1318.17617.25
John Mulcahy1418.38717.31
Dave O Connor1519.38
Ed Kenneally1619.57
Sean O Farrell1722.46
Ted O'Leary817.52
Frances Barry120.12
Teresa Leahy221.09
Tricia Barry321.1O220.41221.10222.05121.09
Deirdre O'Brien421.1O
Elaine Mulcahy522.54321.35324.13323.56
Annette Fitz120.26120.51223.06121.09
Joanne O'Keeffe120.25322.22
Evelyn O'Keeffe423.58
Laura Hayes118.10
Aileen Kennedy323.50422.31