East Cork Road Race

The East Cork Road Race will take place on Thursday 26th April in Ballynoe village.

  • Ladies, 2km, start 7:15pm
  • Men, 5 miles, start 7:30pm

2012 Club Membership Fees

Membership fees for 2012 are now due. They are:

    Juvenile        euros 15/child        (for first two in a family)

                            euros 10/child       (for third, fourth …)

    Adult              euros 20/person

Please note that most of the membership fee covers registration with Athletics Ireland and insurance cover.

Thank You

The club wishes to thank all those athletes and adults who have contributed to making 2010 a very successful year for St. Catherine’s A.C. We have drawn upon the support and assistance of many people throughout the year in order to pursue our various activities, many of which would not have been possible without people generously giving their time.

We hope you all have a Happy Christmas and return to us in the New Year ready for a new season of athletics!

St. Catherine’s raises money for St.Vincent de Paul

On Tuesday 13th Dec an open invitation 3km run was hosted by the athletics club at Conna pitch. Despite the cold and dark conditions an encouraging crowd gathered, contibuted euros 5 each and then covered 7 laps of the field. Combined with the money raised from the Monday Mile held throughout the year, the club was able to present  Sheila Lane of St. Vincent de Paul with over euros 500. Thank you to everyone who took part and those who arrived to add their support and encouragement.


International Athlete

In the same weekend as Laura won her medal, her father Frank, our coach and chairman,  represented Ireland in the British and Irish Masters Cross Country championships in Scotland. Frank’s tremendous form in recent races continued at this event where his position contributed to the Irish Men’s Over 40s team winning bronze medal.  The Hayes family “broke” all kinds of records that weekend.