10km Garden Challenge

Are you going to join club member who are taking part in an unique challenge this Easter Saturday 11th April. We will be taking part in a 10k challenge in our gardens at 10am. 10k of running and the only rule is that you must do it in your garden no matter the number of laps. And if there are smaller kids who want to get involved why not have them join in with 1km, or relay or whatever they can manage. Earn those Easter Eggs 🙂

We are recommending a charity in Feed the Heroes on below link for anyone who feels motivated to donate to this brilliant cause.

For anyone who wishes to join us it’s simple, 10am on 11th April, run 10k in your garden. Post pictures online, dress in fancy dress, the time and speed doesn’t matter. Let’s build some positivity around staying at home! Use #10kgardenchallenge & #stayathome if you are posting on social media.

Charity recommendation



Training alternatives in the current climate – Intervals

While all official training activities are suspended in this current climate of isolation and social distancing, it is still possible to stay fit (and sane) by getting in some training individually, while always observing HSE guidelines for spacing/social distancing.

If you want to keep up some interval training in the field on an individual basis, the layout below will help with marking out 400 and 1000 metre intervals.

Stay safe and healthy, and always observe HSE recommended social distancing guidelines!!

HSE guidelines to protect yourself and others:  https://www2.hse.ie/conditions/coronavirus/protect-yourself.html

Result of 3km Time Trial – 3rd March

Conor Hayes112:35
Ted O'Leary212:42
Brendan Hickey312:48
Natalie Nicholson412:53
Kieran Harte513:05
Kevin Hayes613:18
Peter Ryan713:52
Laurence O'Connor813:55
Sara Barry914:24
Paul O'Flynn1014:28
Denis McCarthy1114:56
Laura O'Flynn1215:27
Jenny Quirke1315:48
Steve Dunning1417:06
Aisling Collins1517:29
Sharon Aherne1617:42
Aisling McCarthy1719:00
Aine O'Regan1819:00
Nicola O'Donoghue1919:03

Couch to 5km Programme starting March 18th 7:30pm

St Catherine’s AC Couch to 5km programme is planned to recommence on Wednesday 18th March at 7:30pm in Conna Sports Field for 10 weeks. We will also run an improvers programme at the same time.

€30 for non-registered athletes, €10 for registered members, plus €1 nightly contribution for 10 weeks.

Spread the word and come along! All welcome.

The Couch to 5k programme is suitable for all beginners and is  available here.

Result of 3km Time Trial – 4th February

Jonathan Kenneally112:07
John Mulcahy212:25
Ted O'Leary312:53
Natalie Nicholson413:04
Paul O'Connell513:14
Kevin Hayes613:23
Paul O'Flynn713:44
Brendan Hickey814:02
Cian O'Donoghue914:23
Laura O'Flynn1015:28
Denis McCarthy1115:46
Kathleen Keane1215:49
Ashling Collins1315:59
Charlie Nicholson1411:10
Kenneth O'Connell1508:09
Amy Kearney1608:23
Ciara Hayes1708:24
Amy O'Connell1808:28
Dublin City Marathon

Club & Parish Marathon Times

2019 marked an excellent year of marathon running for St Catherines AC and its fantastic to see the growing amount of people in the area who have completed the legendary distance of approximately 26 Miles & 385 yards (or 42.195 KM). As we start into a new decade its a good time to reflect on all of the marathons run by both club runners and people who have lived in the local area. Massive thank you to Denis McCarthy for collating these results over the years. Note: This set of results is a work in progress and feedback is welcome as we update and amend the listing. Here’s to another great decade of marathon running.

Noel Early2:43:19Frankfurt2019
Michael Byrne2:44:26Manchester2018
John Beecher2:46:17Dublin2019
Shane Kearney2:54:33Chicago2018
Allan Carr2:56:42Dublin2018
JK Harty2:59:05Dublin2019
Trevor Geary2:59:15Manchester2018
Chris O'Connell3:08:02Cork2018
Ted O'Leary3:08:52Dublin2017
Johnny Sheehan3:10:42Dublin2016
Kevin Hayes3:13:35Cork2017
Keith Barry3:14:20Dublin2019
Brendan Hickey3:16:31Dublin2019
Pat Costigan3:20:00Dublin2019
Steven Collins3:20:10Dublin2018
Edmond Gavin3:21:12Cork2011
Jonathon Kenneally3:23:26Dublin2018
Colin Cunningham3:36:39Cork2017
Kevin Cotter3:40:42Calgary2014
Paul McGuinness3:41:00Cork2014
John Clancy3:44:19Dublin1986
Noel Carr3:45:00Tralee2015
Fr Carvell3:45:00Dublin1982
Brian Hogan3:45:00Dublin2013
Patrck Ryan3:45:06Dublin2019
Mark Pyne3:48:48Dublin2017
Marthin Feeney3:49:00Barcelona2019
Adam Blaiklock3:52:00Connemara2015
Bill Keeffe3:55:00Dublin2005
Georgina Cunningham3:57:11Manchester2017
Steve Dunning3:58:00Coventry1999
Sean Twomey4:02:14Dublin2019
Louise Beecher4:03:55Dublin2014
Aisling Collins4:05:43Dublin2019
Catherine Clancy4:07:52Devon2015
Michael Walsh4:08:00Dublin2017
Catherine Leahy4:08:09Dublin2017
Ester Power4:10:36Brighton2016
Gerry Hogan4:12:00Cork1982
Michael Collins4:12:00Dublin2019
Batt Sheehan4:16:00Dublin2017
Catherine Flynn4:20:00London
Patricia Barry4:23:00Dublin2016
Kevin Barry4:23:10Dublin1988
Billy Barry4:23:11Dublin1988
Stephen O'Brien4:25:41Dublin2018
Gemma Barry4:35:00Chicago2012
Seamus Keane4:36:48Dublin2018
Norma Caples4:40:20Cork2018
Donal Caples4:40:21Cork2018
Claire Kearney4:47:13Dublin2011
Betty Walsh5:34:59Dublin2019
Amanda Nolan6:40:23Dublin2018

Registration Night 2020

Registration for all athletes takes place this Wednesday 8th January from 8-9pm in Conna Hall.

All athletes must be registered in order to train or to take part in any athletics events representing the club.

Adults: €20, Juveniles: €15 (for first 2 juveniles, 3rd and subsequent juvenile €10).