Couch to 5km Programme starting Wednesday 14th September, 7:30pm in Conna Field

The next St. Catherine’s A.C. Couch to 5km programme will commence Wednesday 14th September at 7:30pm in Conna Field for 10 weeks.

€10 for the 10 week programme, participants must be registered with St Catherine’s AC in advance.

If you are not already registered for 2022, please email and include name, address, contact number, email address, date of birth & AAI registration number (if you have it). A link will be issued in due course from Athletics Ireland where you can pay the €20 registration fee.

The Couch to 5k programme is suitable for all beginners and is available here.

Spread the word and come along – all welcome!

Results of the 3km Time Trial – 6th September

Well done to all our athletes who took part in the 3km Time Trial last night in Conna field. First one back this season…

Shane Kearney100:11:31
Dave O'Connor200:11:42
Ed Kenneally300:11:52
Richie Lynch400:11:59
Amy Kearney500:12:22
Charlotte Norman600:12:36
Keith Barry700:12:36
Chris O'Connell800:12:42
Caoimhe Gray Walsh900:12:43
Ella Higgins1000:12:48
Ciara Hayes1100:12:51
Kieran Harte1200:13:13
Breda Lynch1300:13:36
Kieran Murphy1400:14:39
Steve Dunning1500:14:59
Catherine Clancy1600:15:15
Cathal Higgins1700:15:39
Paul Higgins1800:15:39
Noreen Daly1900:16:01
Ger Sheehan2000:16:04
Siobhan Hayes2100:16:14
Meabh O'Connell2200:16:20

Results of the Summer Series – 5km 7th June

The following are the results of the Summer Series 5km event which took place tonight in Ballynoe, and a link to previous results and overall standings to date:

3km – 3rd May – Garryanne

5km – 7th June – Ballynoe (below)

5 mile – 12th July – Shanakil

10km – 2nd August – Lacken

Overall Series Results

Keith Kelly100:17:19
Jim Harty200:18:00
Trevor Geary300:18:33
Jonathan Kenneally400:19:40
Cian Dunning500:19:49
Sarah Mulcahy600:19:57
Stephen Collins700:20:15
Keith Barry800:20:23
Cathal Barry900:20:44
Eddie Kenneally1000:20:54
John Mulcahy1100:21:03
Richard Lynch1200:21:15
Chris O'Connell1300:21:38
Kieran Harte1400:22:00
James O'Connor1500:22:33
Kevin Hayes1600:22:43
Kieran Murphy1700:22:50
Ann Geary1800:22:58
Paul O'Flynn1900:23:14
Breda Lynch2000:23:14
Laura O'Flynn2100:23:25
Denis McCarthy2200:23:58
Frances Barry2300:24:03
Ted O'Leary2400:24:56
Stephen Dunning2500:25:14
Barry Drake2600:25:45
Catherine Clancy2700:26:01
Kathleen Keane2800:26:26
Noreen Daly2900:27:19
Siobhan Hayes3000:28:37
Aisling Collins3100:29:09
Fiona Fitzgerald3200:29:40
Sarah O'Connor3300:29:40
Sean Madden3400:29:49
Ella O'Connor3500:31:37
Donal Leahy3600:32:17
Teresa Leahy3700:32:17
Mary Hamill3800:34:33

Summer Series – Overall Results

The following are the overall results of the Summer Series to date:

NameOverall Position3km Time5km TimeOverall Time
Trevor Geary100:10:2700:18:3300:29:00
Jonathan Kenneally200:10:4000:19:4000:30:20
Cian Dunning300:10:5600:19:4900:30:45
Sarah Mulcahy400:11:2800:19:5700:31:25
Stephen Collins500:12:4000:20:1500:32:55
Keith Barry600:11:0600:20:2300:31:29
Cathal Barry700:11:5900:20:4400:32:43
John Mulcahy800:11:2100:21:0300:32:24
Richie Lynch900:11:5300:21:1500:33:08
Chris O'Connell1000:11:4300:21:3800:33:21
Kieran Harte1100:12:0800:22:0000:34:08
James O'Connor1200:12:4900:22:3300:35:22
Kevin Hayes1300:12:3600:22:4300:35:19
Kieran Murphy1400:12:3400:22:5000:35:24
Ann Geary1500:12:4100:22:5800:35:39
Paul O'Flynn1600:12:4800:23:1400:36:02
Breda Lynch1700:12:4500:23:1400:35:59
Laura O'Flynn1800:13:0200:23:2500:36:27
Denis McCarthy1900:13:2000:23:5800:37:18
Frances Barry2000:13:4300:24:0300:37:46
Ted O'Leary2100:12:4500:24:5600:37:41
Steve Dunning2200:14:0900:25:1400:39:23
Kathleen Keane2300:14:1900:26:2600:40:45
Noreen Daly2400:14:5800:27:1900:42:17
Siobhan Hayes2500:15:0600:28:3700:43:43
Aisling Collins2600:15:5400:29:0900:45:03
Fiona Fitzgerald2700:16:2500:29:4000:46:05
Ella O'Connor2800:16:1100:31:3700:47:48
Donal Leahy2900:18:0300:32:1700:50:20
Teresa Leahy3000:18:0300:32:1700:50:20
Mary Hamill3100:20:5000:34:3300:55:23

Munster Track and Field Fixtures 2022

For upcoming event details please use the Munster Athletics website for dates and corresponding event details.

To do this, first click on the “Fixtures” link on the left hand menu, then click on the ‘Fixtures 2022’ link on the middle page, and scroll down to the appropriate dates.

Juvenile Calendar
U9–U13 Day1 – Sat June 11th – Templemore – Entries close 7th June
U9–U13 Day2  – Sun June 12th – Templemore – Entries close 7th June

U14-U19 Day1 – Sat June 18 th – MTU Cork – Entries close 14 th June
U14-U19 Day2 – Sun June 19 th – MTU Cork – Entries close 14 th June

U9-U16 Bs – Sat July 30th – Templemore – Entries close TBD

Masters Calendar
Masters – Mon June 6 th – MTU Cork – Entries close 31 st May – Maximum of 3 events

Please note the events taking place on each date for the athlete(s) you will be entering, and in due course we will send out a link which will allow you to register the athletes for their chosen events.

Cork County T&F Championships for Juniors, Seniors and Masters – Monday 9th May at MTU

Online entries for the first round of the Cork County T&F Championships for Juniors, Seniors and Masters close on Sunday 8th May. The championships take place at MTU on Monday 9th May. First event at 7:30pm. Entries will also be taken on the day – €5 per event.

A link to the events is available here:

The link for online entry is as follows:

Results of the Summer Series 2022 – 3km 3rd May

Results of the first race in the Summer Series are below. Well done to everyone who took part in the 3km race…

Trevor Geary100:10:27
John Beecher200:10:38
Jonathan Kenneally300:10:40
Cian Dunning400:10:56
Keith Barry500:11:06
St John O'Connor600:11:15
John Mulcahy700:11:21
Sarah Mulcahy800:11:28
Chris O'Connell900:11:43
Richie Lynch1000:11:53
Cathal Barry1100:11:59
Darren Flynn1200:12:02
Kieran Harte1300:12:08
Sara Barry1400:12:17
Brendan Hickey1500:12:28
Seamus Keane1600:12:28
Kieran Murphy1700:12:34
Kevin Hayes1800:12:36
Steven Collins1900:12:40
Ann Geary2000:12:41
Ted O'Leary2100:12:45
Breda Lynch2200:12:45
Paul O'Flynn2300:12:48
James O'Connor2400:12:49
Laura O'Flynn2500:13:02
Denis McCarthy2600:13:20
Frances Barry2700:13:43
Maire O'Regan2800:14:05
Steve Dunning2900:14:09
Kathleen Keane3000:14:19
Aiden Barry3100:14:47
Noreen Daly3200:14:58
Siobhan Hayes3300:15:06
Fiona Mulcahy3400:15:08
Donal Howard3500:15:20
Ger Sheehan3600:15:44
Aisling Collins3700:15:54
Ella O'Connor3800:16:11
Fiona Fitzgerald3900:16:25
Donal Leahy4000:18:03
Teresa Leahy4100:18:03
Helen O'Keeffe4200:19:31
Mary Hamill4300:20:50
Karen O'Keeffe4400:22:20
Carmel Power4500:22:24

2021 Club Awards

Last week, St Catherine AC held their Athletes of the Year Awards for 2021.

It was a tremendous season for the many athletes from Little Athletics all the way up to Senior level.

The two Little Athletics award winners for most improved were Nina Simmonds and Callum Geary.

In the under 9-10 age category, Leah Pyne and Adam Fitzgerald were the award winners.

Zach Pyne and Lara Byrne were the under 11-12 category recipients.

The 13+ age category covers the older age category and the most improved performers are Mia Keane and Cian Dunning.

Our Senior winners are Sarah Mulcahy and Jim Harty.

And lastly, our Overall Athlete of the Year is Kenneth O’Connell.

Kenneth,had a tremendous season, winning County, placed in Munster and his first All-Ireland Cross Country and winning his own age category All Ireland Cross Country. He also recently won the Indoor 600 metre championships in Athlone It was incredible running for such a young athlete and a credit to his hard work and his great passion for the sport. Hearty congratulations to Kenneth and all the award winners from everyone at the club and a special word of gratitude to all the coaches and officials for keeping the show on the road.

All of the award winners were presented their trophies by Kevin Hayes, Chairman of the club and  their respective coaches, Paddy, Dave, Mike & Eoin, Kieran & Frank, and Trevor.

East Cork Road Championships 2022

On-line entry available for the Road Race Championships in Ballynoe on April 28th.

Entries will also be taken on the night. The entry fee of €5.00 is payable on the night.

There is no fee for athletes who pre-enter but are unable to run. Where possible we ask athletes to pre-enter to assist with the organisation of the event. 

The on-line entry is available on the following link: On-Line Entry