Conna Juvenile 1 Mile Road Race Results 2019

Well done to all 44 juveniles who took part in our 1 Mile Road Race last night. Results as follows:

Juvenile Boys

Number Name Club Time Overall Position    Category Position
1861 Sennan O’Reilly St Catherines AC 05:46 1 1
1840 Conor Hayes St Catherines AC 05:49 2 2



Aidan Maher

Darragh Ronayne

Carrig na Bhfear

St Catherines AC







Juvenile Girls

Number Name    Club Time    Overall Position   Category Position
1867 Lucy Ahern St Catherines AC 06:39 13 1
1834 Charlotte Norman St Catherines AC 06:52 17 2
1833 Sarah O’Connell St Catherines AC 07:00 18 3

Full results below:

NumberNameCategoryClubTimeOverall PositionCategory Position
1861Sennan O'ReillyMale JuvenileSt Catherines AC05:4611
1840Conor HayesMale JuvenileSt Catherines AC05:4922
1864Darragh RonayneMale JuvenileSt Catherines AC05:4933
1870Aidan MaherMale JuvenileCarrig na Bhfear05:4933
1875Paul KellyMale JuvenileCarrigaline AC05:5644
1857Shane ByrneMale JuvenileTogher AC06:0155
1876Tom KellyMale JuvenileCarrigaline AC06:0866
1843Charlie NicholsonMale JuvenileSt Catherines AC06:2077
1848Ronan O'SheaMale JuvenileCarrigaline AC06:2088
1849Eoin DylanMale Juvenilen/a06:2899
1842Cian McCarthyMale Juvenilen/a06:291010
1860Noah SwitzerMale Juvenilen/a06:291111
1867Lucy Ahern Female JuvenileSt Catherines AC06:39121
1868Billy AhernMale JuvenileSt Catherines AC06:411312
1865Conor RonayneMale JuvenileSt Catherines AC06:431413
1838James O'ConnorMale JuvenileSt Catherines AC06:451514
1834Charlotte NormanFemale JuvenileSt Catherines AC06:52162
1833Sarah O'ConnellFemale JuvenileSt Catherines AC07:00173
1869James GearyMale JuvenileSt Catherines AC07:041815
1862Ellie BarryFemale JuvenileSt Catherines AC07:13194
1872Saoirse CorriganFemale JuvenileSt Nicholas AC07:15205
1859Andy SwitzerMale Juvenilen/a07:172116
1874Sean FinnMale JuvenileGrange Fermoy07:182217
1841Ciara HayesFemale JuvenileSt Catherines AC07:23236
1871Henry WagnerMale JuvenileGrange Fermoy07:272418
1866Jacob SimmsMale Juvenilen/a07:332519
1850Kelly DylanFemale Juvenilen/a07:38267
1839Cillian HarteMale Juvenilen/a07:392720
1854Katelyn HickeyFemale JuvenileSt Catherines AC07:39288
1856Anna ByrneFemale JuvenileSt Catherines AC07:45299
1853Marie O'ConnorFemale JuvenileSt Catherines AC07:473010
1863Chloe CarrFemale JuvenileSt Catherines AC07:523111
1873Jack Darrer-DaltonMale JuvenileBlackwater Tri Club07:533221
1858Orlaith ByrneFemale JuvenileTogher AC07:583312
1846Sean MorrisonMale JuvenileSt Catherines AC08:053422
1845Cathal HigginsMale JuvenileSt Catherines AC08:193523
1836Layla McNamaraFemale Juvenilen/a08:203613
1852Chloe HigginsFemale JuvenileSt Catherines AC08:233714
1844Teegan MurphyFemale JuvenileSt Catherines AC08:293815
1835Ali QuirkeFemale Juvenilen/a08:343916
1851Thomas KaskiewiczMale JuvenileGrange Fermoy08:404024
1837Julia WitnikFemale Juvenilen/a09:364117
1855Juliette AhernFemale JuvenileSt Catherines AC09:374218
1847Emily CotterFemale JuvenileGrange Fermoy09:574319

Annual club outing to Bere Island

It was a Midsummer Run with a difference. St Catherines decamped from our usual haunts in East Cork and pitched up on Bere Island, in the heart of West Cork.

We were there to take part in not one, not two but three running events happening on Saturday last, the 13th of July.

Bere Island is one of the most popular ParkRun events in the country and many of our runners and walkers, both young and old, started the event at 9.30. It was beautiful and warm, not a cloud in the sky, as our club athletes wound their way around the hilly terrain. Chris O’Connell was off like a hare, “running at marathon pace” who came home first. Many of our first timers to the island remarked on the beautiful course set in the most picturesque countryside.

The Midsummer Run events at 5k and 10k took place in the afternoon which gave the ParkRun participants, a bit of time for a coffee and cake in the village café. Thanks to Edel and Brendan Murphy for the warm welcomes, the genuine hospitality and for making us feel right at home.

As the temperatures soared into the high twenties, the races began and our club athletes prepared to battle in the very humid conditions. The most welcome sight, besides the finish line, was the many water stations dotted throughout the course. Some of us were shedding buckets of sweat trying to get around the course, never mind trying to keep up with the leaders. As per usual, our club was very well represented in numbers and yet again, we featured in the medals. Well done to Chris O’Connell who finished second in the 5k; Roisin Ronayne who finished second in the 10 k; Trevor Geary who came home 3rd in the 10k and the one and only Brenda Hickey who was declared first female veteran in the 10k. That last one may have been a clerical error!!

Yours truly had the pleasure of accompanying the legendary wheelchair athlete, Jerry Forde, around the 10k race. Not surprisingly, Jerry put on an incredible display of pure strength and determination to conquer the very difficult road conditions for a wheelchair and triumphed in a time of 1 hour 51 minutes. Thanks Jerry!

While we tucked into the post-race  tea and sandwiches at the GAA club, the children’s races took place on the pitch. Well done to all the children and congrats to  Aimee Kearney, Mark Geary and Sarah O’Connell for getting onto the podium as well.

And to cap it all, we then descended to Lonehort Cove, where we spent a lovely few hours swimming in the azure blue water—if felt and looked like we were in the Mediterranean Sea.

All the club, including the Kearneys, Murphys, Dunnings, O’Connells, Clancys, Gearys, Hayes, Linehans, Hickeys, Hartes and Ronayne families, finished the night off in the pub being entertained by Doireann Hayes and Sadie & Grainne Linehan playing us some traditional tunes that they learnt in County Clare last week.

Thanks as ever, to Kevin Hayes for organizing this excellent weekend away.  

Looking forward already to next year.

Eoin Linehan

Results of Ballintotis 4 mile, Tallow 5km and Locha Lua Half

Ballintotis 4 Mile
29 John BEECHER 00:23:27
41 Noel EARLY 00:23:58
88 Keith BARRY 00:25:26
98 John MULCAHY 00:25:53
126 Martin FEENEY 00:26:45
195 Paul O’CONNELL 00:28:06
304 Laurence O’CONNOR 00:29:54
457 Jackie MULCAHY 00:32:19
504 Aisling COLLINS 00:32:42
512 Kathleen KEANE 00:32:47
587 Siobhan HAYES 00:33:35
604 Noreen DALY 00:33:47
608 Ger SHEEHAN 00:33:49
739 Lesley FEENEY 00:35:58
794 Mary LEE 00:36:59
967 Fiona FITZGERALD 00:40:05
1044 Bríd BARRY 00:42:26

Tallow 5km

Ladies Results
3 Laura O’ Flynn 23.42
4 Neesha Whelan 23.54
5 Dyane Whelan 23.59
6 Georgina Cunningham 25.01
8 Noreen Daly 26.11
9 Ger Sheehan 26.13
11 Leslie Feeney 28.15
13 Mary Lee 29.42
19 Susan Cotter 33.41
31 Betty Walsh 44.01

Mens results
3 Conor Hayes 20.55
4 Kevin Hayes 21.05
6 Kieran Murphy 22.01
7 Paul Flynn 22.16
8 Kieran Harte 22.23
10 Ryan Whelan 23.41
13 Oscar Cunningham 24.52
14 James Geary 25.3
15 Trevor Geary 25.31
17 Mike Walsh 27.4
18 Patrick Twomey 28.42
26 Donnacha Walsh 44.01

Locha Lua Half Marathon

19 Jonathan Kenneally 1:35:37

Results of the 3km Time Trial – Tuesday 5th March

Dave O'Connor112:05
Brendan Hickey212:46
Keith Barry312:55
John Mulcahy413:04
Kieran Murphy513:18
Paul O'Connell613:32
Paul Mulcahy714:16
Finola Neville814:47
Denis McCarthy916:17
Aisling Collins1016:17
Caroline Motherway1116:35
Orna Neville1216:55
Clodagh Bolger1317:23
Niamh Mulcahy1419:53
Hazel Sheehan1519:53

Results of 3km Time Trial – 5th February

Pat Costigan111:40
Martin Feeney212:15
Keith Barry312:32
Nathalie Nicholson412:42
Paul O'Connell513:00
Brendan Hickey613:03
Kieran Murphy713:04
Conor Hayes813:05
Sarah Morrison913:07
Kieran Harte1013:17
Paul Mulcahy1113:38
Charlie Nicholson1213:41
Denis McCarthy1314:08
Paul Flynn1414:12
Sam Dunning1514:17
Caroline Motherway1615:30
Peter Ryan1715:37
Kathleen Keane1816:04
Orna Neville1916:22
Aisling Collins2016:38
Deirdre Mulcahy2117:21

St Catherines AC take on the John Treacy 10-mile road race in Dungarvan

Over 30 runners from our club took on the challenging course and the huge field of nearly 3,000 athletes. There were some great performances from all of our athletes. Some runners were making their debut at this prestigious race while others were looking to better their previous performances and run a new PB. Many achieved this, so hearty congratulations to all who finished. Hard luck to Frank Goss who had to pull up early on.

Trevor Geary led the club home and he broke the magical 60-minute barrier, clocking a time of 59.46 minutes. He was followed by Mike Byrne, John Beecher, Chris O’Connell, Pat Costigan, Keith Barry and Brendan Hickey who all finished within 70 minutes. The next group was led by John Mulcahy and followed by Shane Kearney, Bill O’Keeffe, Laurence O’Connor, Colin Cunningham, Frances Barry, Roisin Ronayne, Ann Geary, Kieran Harte and Paddy Ryan who all completed the course between 70 and 80 minutes. The next group were Georgina Cunningham, Paul O’Connell, Allan Carr, Sean Twomey, Siobhan Hayes, Aileen Kennedy, Noreen Daly, Kathleen Keane, Ger Sheehan and Martina O’Gorman who all finished the course between 80 and 90 minutes. The final group of runners were Brendan O’Gorman, Martin Carr, Aisling Collins, John Morrison and Niamh Pyne and they all finished between 90 and 105 minutes.

Well done to everyone on the first big race of the year.

84 Trevor GEARY 00:59:46
110 Micheal BYRNE 01:01:07
130 John BEECHER 01:01:50
207 Chris O’CONNELL 01:04:31
231 Pat COSTIGAN 01:05:15
319 Keith BARRY 01:08:01
408 Brendan HICKEY 01:09:38
541 Shane KEARNEY 01:11:34
548 Bill O’KEEFFE 01:12:07
639 Laurence O’CONNOR 01:13:49
755 Colin CUNNINGHAM 01:15:15
815 Frances BARRY 01:16:44
827 Ann GEARY 01:17:00
913 Roisin RONAYNE 01:17:17
919 Kieran HARTE 01:18:02
1017 Paddy RYAN 01:19:20
1126 Martin FEENEY 01:20:42
1183 Georgina CUNNINGHAM 01:22:21
1270 Paul O’CONNELL 01:23:45
1307 Allan CARR 01:24:27
1331 Sean TWOMEY 01:24:49
1495 Siobhan HAYES 01:26:37
1524 Aileen KENNEDY 01:27:05
1577 Kathleen KEANE 01:27:19
1602 Ger SHEEHAN 01:28:03
1610 Martina O’GORMAN 01:28:06
1680 Brendan O’GORMAN 01:29:00
1785 Martin CARR 01:30:57
1938 Aisling COLLINS 01:34:12
2073 John MORRISSON 01:38:14
2206 Niamh PYNE 01:41:51