St Catherines AC AGM – Weds 10th January, 8:30pm

The revived St Catherine’s Athletic Club enters its 9th year and membership for 2017 continued to grow with 178 juveniles and 68 adults registered by the end of the year.

Learn about our young club, voice your ideas, contribute your thoughts and skills by attending  The St Catherine’s AC AGM on Wednesday 10th January at 8:30pm in Conna Community Hall.

All registered adult athletes and parents of juvenile athletes are asked to attend.

Also, a limited amount of club gear will be available to purchase on the night (Singlet €27, T-Shirt €29, Jacket €55). Previous orders can also be collected.

Results and photos of the Charity Christmas 3km in aid of SVP

Attached are the results of the Charity Christmas 3km held last Tuesday in aid of St Vincent De Paul. Over €750 was raised for a great cause. Sincere thanks to all those involved. Some photos of the event are below also.

NumberNameCategoryClubTimeOverall Position
11Dave O'ConnorMaleSt Catherines AC10:501
2John BeecherMaleSt Catherines AC10:552
51Eoin CondonMalen/a11:433
12Pat CostiganMaleSt Catherines AC11:534
9Brendan HickeyMaleSt Catherines AC11:575
36Liam O'ConnorMaleSt Catherines AC12:026
49Keith BarryMaleSt Catherines AC12:067
1Dennis McCarthyMaleEast Cork12:258
4Allan CarrMaleSt Catherines AC12:269
7Conor HayesMaleSt Catherines AC12:2910
24Paul MulchayMaleSt Catherines AC12:5911
72John MulcahyMaleSt Catherines AC13:0112
38Eddie O'ReganMaleSt Catherines AC13:1813
15James HayesMaleSt Catherines AC13:2614
40Charlie NicholsonMaleSt Catherines AC13:2815
21Stephen DunningMaleSt Catherines AC13:2816
39Junior SheehanMaleSt Catherines AC13:2917
28Kevin BarryMaleSt Catherines AC13:3318
30Aidan BarryMaleSt Catherines AC13:4919
56Frank GossMalen/a13:5220
13Paul McGuinnessMaleSt Catherines AC13:5421
73Kieran LynchMaleSt Catherines AC13:5522
14Brian BarryMaleSt Catherines AC14:0323
22Sam DunningMaleSt Catherines AC14:0424
45Batt SheehanMaleSt Catherines AC14:1725
32Donie O'BrienMaleSt Nicholas AC14:4226
44Sean WalshMaleSt Catherines AC16:1227
69James O'ConnorMaleSt Catherines AC16:2428
43Tadgh WalshMaleSt Catherines AC16:5129
75Shane O'RiordanMalen/a17:0830
53Sean MorrisonMaleSt Catherines AC17:1631
76Ollie SheehanMalen/a17:3832
25Steven MulcahyMaleSt Catherines AC17:4133
42Mike WalshMaleSt Catherines AC18:5034
8Billy CaballMaleRising Sun19:3835
54Oisin MorrisonMaleSt Catherines AC20:2236
NumberNameCategoryClubTimeOverall Position
17Laura HayesFemaleSt Catherines AC11:241
71Meghan CarrFemaleSt Catherines AC12:052
5Nathalie NicholsonFemaleSt Catherines AC13:083
19Sarah MulcahyFemaleSt Catherines AC13:284
27Sara BarryFemaleSt Catherines AC13:305
10Georgina CunninghamFemaleSt Catherines AC15:026
29Patricia BarryFemaleSt Catherines AC15:027
35Noreen DalyFemaleSt Catherines AC15:148
16Siobhan HayesFemaleSt Catherines AC15:439
33Kathleen KeaneFemaleSt Catherines AC15:5110
6Caoimhe HayesFemaleSt Catherines AC15:5611
18Ciara HayesFemaleSt Catherines AC15:5612
57Deirdre MulcahyFemaleSt Catherines AC16:0113
67Francis BarryFemaleSt Catherines AC16:0214
46Ger SheehanFemaleSt Catherines AC16:0215
62Aimee KearneyFemaleSt Catherines AC16:0316
37Celia O'ReganFemaleSt Catherines AC16:1217
74Caoimhe O'RiordanFemalen/a16:2418
48Chloe HigginsFemaleSt Catherines AC16:2519
26Lucy BarryFemaleSt Catherines AC16:5220
70Niamh KearneyFemaleSt Catherines AC17:0221
47Fiona Higgins FemaleSt Catherines AC17:2522
61Tracy BarryFemalen/a17:3723
68Ella O'ConnorFemaleSt Catherines AC17:4824
77Ciara GossFemaleSt Catherines AC17:5625
50Christine O'HaraFemalen/a18:0026
63Aine O'ReganFemaleSt Catherines AC18:4527
52Deirdre MorrisonFemaleSt Catherines AC18:4528
64Linda O'RiordanFemalen/a18:4529
41Betty WalshFemaleSt Catherines AC18:4930
55Nuala DunningFemaleSt Catherines AC20:2431
34Leslie FeeneyFemaleSt Catherines AC21:1732
23Martina MulcahyFemaleSt Catherines AC22:1533

XC_XMAS3k_20171205_192321 (18) XC_XMAS3k_20171205_192321 (21) XC_XMAS3k_20171205_192321 (29)

East Cork Cross-Country Championships Day 2

Day 2 of the East Cork Cross Country Championships takes place this coming Sunday at 11:30 (Juvenile race start time).

More information is available on the following site: