Results of this weeks Monday Mile – 9th October

Kieran Harte106:23
Kieran Murphy206:33
Steve Dunning306:47
Eric Coughlan406:51
Senan O'Reilly506:55
Ryan Whelan607:13
Aimee Kearney707:51
Catherine Clancy807:52
Sophie Early909:08
Ronan Doyle1009:25
Niamh Kearney1110:51
Jack Tanner1211:32
Adrian Tanner1311:33
Teegan Murphy1411:43
Meabh O'Connell1512:11
Anna Byrne1512:11
Sara Swirska1512:11


Results of this months 3km Time Trial – 3rd Oct

David O'Connor111:23
Alan Carr211:36
Brendan Hickey311:43
Pat Costigan411:49
Megan Carr511:49
Keith Barry612:22
Denis McCarthy712:23
Paul Mulcahy812:25
Chris O'Connell912:26
Kieran Harte1012:27
Natalie Nicholson1112:35
Sarah Mulcahy1212:46
Kieran Murphy1312:54
Steve Dunning1413:29
Lawrence O'Connor1513:36
Frank Goss1613:41
Padraig Dillon1714:23
Trish Barry1814:47
Kathleen Keane1914:53
Cartherine Clancy2014:53
Noreen Daly2115:59
Kevin Barry2216:54
Christine O'Hara2317:03
Aine O'Regan2417:53
Michelle McCormack2517:54

Results of the Monday Mile – 2nd October

Dublin were stopped from achieving the three in a row in tonight’s Monday Mile…

Alan Carr106:22
Kieran Harte206:23
Eric Coughlan306:51
Senan O'Reilly407:09
Jack Laczak507:14
Charlie Nicholson607:29
Aimee Kearney707:42
Ronan Doyle808:27
Niamh Kearney909:08
Anna Byrne1010:16
Teegan Murphy1110:50
Tara Murphy1210:51

Results of the Monday Mile – 25th Sept

Kieran Harte106:21
Kieran Murphy206:47
Cian Dunning306:50
Ryan Whelan406:54
Steve Dunning506:55
Senan O'Reilly607:01
Aimee Kearney707:59
Sean Twomey808:01
Tricia Barry908:07
Faye Sheehan1008:51
Ellie Barry1108:53
Ciara Hayes1209:35
Caitlin Twomey1310:31
Lara Byrne1410:32
Saorla Twomey1510:37
Niamh Kearney1611:09
Teiguan Murphy1711:15
Anna Byrne1711:15