Results of the last Monday Mile – 8th October

Results below from the last Monday Mile. Well done to everyone who took part in the series.

This series fastest miles were from Jonathan Kenneally (5:51), Allan Carr (6:11) and Conor Hayes (6:15).

Also well done to Kieran Harte and Meabh O’Connell who completed all 6 Monday Miles.

Jonathan Kenneally105:51
Conor Hayes206:23
Kieran Harte306:26
Mark Geary407:46
Oscar Cunningham507:47
James Geary608:15
Mia Geary708:24
Ciara Hayes808:29
Martina O'Connor908:35
Marie O'Connor1008:55
Thomas Morrisson1109:00
Aoife O'Connor1209:03
Colm Geary1309:20
Trevor Geary1409:22
Leila McNamara1509:35
Ally Quirke1609:37
Lara Byrne1709:50
Kaylee O'Connor1810:04
Emer O'Connor1910:05
Anna Byrne2010:07
Shay Early2110:08
Noel Early2210:10
Michael Maguire2310:48
Grace O'Connor (and George)2411:26
Orla Morrisson2511:28
Sean Maguire2611:30
Meabh O'Connell2711:40
Teegan Murphy2811:46
Aideen O'Connor2912:17
Darragh Feeney3012:35
Martin Feeney3112:39
Carly McClements3213:28
Karina Morrisson3313:30

Results of last nights 3km Time Trial – 2nd October

Brendan Hickey111:18
Pat Costigan211:36
Keith Barry311:36
Chris O'Connell411:44
Kevin Hayes511:56
Nathalie Nicholson612:04
Ted O'Leary712:10
Lawrence O'Connor812:18
Sarah Mulcahy912:25
Kieran Harte1012:34
Kieran Murphy1112:53
Denis McCarthy1213:14
Padraig Dillon1313:34
Caoimhe Hayes1413:34
Finola Neville1514:00
Roisin Ronayne1614:40
Kathleen Keane1715:18
Noreen Daly1815:28
Caroline Mothery1915:32
Siobhan Hayes2015:39
Maura O'Regan2115:48
Catherine Clancy2215:59
Orna Neville2316:02
John Morrison2416:17
Betty Walsh2517:58
Helen Lane2617:58

Results of the Monday Mile – 1st October

Kieran Harte106:20
Charlie Nicholson206:30
Neesha Whelan306:47
Oscar Cunningham407:25
Lara Byrne507:38
Mark Geary607:55
Georgina Cunningham708:06
Martina O'Connor808:26
Marie O'Connor908:33
Ciara Hayes1008:35
Sophie Early1108:36
Kaylee O'Connor1208:49
Colm Geary1309:17
Kayla McNamara1409:32
Ally Quirke1509:36
Shay Early1610:01
Sean Maguire1710:04
Anna Byrne1811:27
Meabh O'Connell1911:30
Teegan Murphy2011:40
Orla Morrison2111:48
Riona Morrison2213:08


Results of the Monday Mile – 24th Sept

Eric Coughlan106:19
Kieran Harte206:21
James Hayes306:39
Conor Hayes406:59
Sennan O'Reilly507:35
Sean Walsh607:37
Kenneth O'Connell707:37
Amy O'Connell808:04
James Geary908:06
Mark Geary1008:06
Mia Geary1108:13
Aodhan Burke1208:18
Siobhan Hayes1308:25
Lara Byrne1408:52
Ciara Hayes1509:04
Thomas Morrisson1609:08
Colm Geary1709:48
Katelyn Hickey1809:50
Alesha Hickey1909:51
Ann Geary2009:53
Brendan Hickey2109:54
Sarah O'Connell2210:36
Meabh O'Connell2310:40
Shay Early2410:40
Anna Byrne2510:41
Kate O'Connell2610:42
Orla Morrisson2710:58
Betty Walsh2811:01
Teegan Murphy2911:59
Riona Morrisson3012:01
Carly McClements3112:09


Results of the Monday Mile – 17th September

Results of tonights Monday Mile are below. Well done to all who took part on a damp evening…

Allan Carr106:11
Kieran Harte206:55
Conor Hayes307:10
Charlie Nicholson407:34
Kenneth O'Connor507:55
Brendan Hickey607:56
Amy O'Connor708:14
Sarah O'Connell708:14
Mark Geary808:17
James Geary908:21
Oscar Cunningham1008:23
Georgina Cunningham1108:26
Kate O'Connor1309:13
Sarah O'Connor1409:17
Pat Clancy1509:53
Sean Walsh1610:09
Ciara O'Connor1710:11
Tadgh Walsh1810:13
Colm Geary1910:34
Meabh O'Connell2010:37
Leila McNamara2110:37
Ann Geary2210:37


Results of the Monday Mile – 10th Sept

Results of the Monday Mile from 10th Sept are as follows:

Kieran Harte106:35
Amy Kearney207:38
Amy O'Connell308:06
Sean Walsh408:07
James Geary508:24
Mark Geary608:26
Aodhan Burke708:52
Noah Keane808:53
Tomas Morrison908:54
Alex Keane1009:16
Katelyn Hickey1109:23
Grace O'Connor1209:23
Alesha Hickey1309:23
Brendan Hickey1409:24
Kayla O'Connor1509:26
Kathleen Keane1609:35
Shay Early1709:46
Teegan Murphy1810:08
Pat Clancy1910:10
Meabh O'Connell2010:13
Orla Morrison2110:14
Helen Lane2210:17


Results of 3km Time Trial – 4th Sept

Results below for this months 3km Time Trial:

David O’Connor110:38
Stephen Carr211:23
Brendan Hickey311:31
Keith Barry411:38
Kevin Hayes511:57
Natalie Nicholson612:01
Sarah Mulcahy712:02
Kieran Murphy812:09
Conor Hayes912:18
Liam O1012:26
Kieran Harte1112:34
Sara Barry1212:58
Caoimhe Hayes1313:35
Padraig Dillon1414:06
Denis McCarthy1514:27
Maura ORegan1614:32
Roisin Ronayne1715:08
Kathleen Keane1815:31
Noreen Daly1915:32
Siobhan Hayes2015:38
Mike Dee2117:21
Betty Walsh2217:55
Helen Lane2317:55