County Track and Field Championships

The last several weeks have been a busy time for athletics training, events and competitions.  Starting on May 6th and lasting for three weekends in a row, St. Catherine’s A.C. attended the County ‘Track and Field’ Championships held at CIT. Over the three days our athletes took part in the long jump, high jump, ball throw, javelin, shot, sprints, middle distance races, walks and relays. The club has rarely taken part in so many events and with so many different athletes. It reflects the growing confidence our athletes have attained through the weeks of training and willingness to try their hand at different events. Unfortunately, the official records only ever show those who come first, second and third. They don’t show the near misses, the personal bests, the drama of the races, the cheering of the packed stands, or the pleasure and sometimes brief sadness experienced. So well done to all those who took part and represented the club and parish. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and look forward to taking part in future events.
We must of course congratulate those who won medals: M.Carr (long jump and middle distance), J.Leahy (walks and high jump), L.Hayes (javelin and middle distance), M.Draper (shot). So many more came so close, and we feel sure their time will come soon.

East Cork Track & Field Champioships

Each year the East Cork Championships represent the start of the Track and Field competitions for our athletes. This year they were spread over two successive Saturdays, hosted by Midleton the first week and Youghal the second. With a relaxed and friendly atmosphere they provide the opportunity for our more serious athletes to test their skill and fitness prior to the County Championships, but also allow our newer or less competitive athletes to dip their toe in the water. And so it was this year. Over the two days the club was well represented across a number of the events, including the shot, discus and javelin in which we’ve had little involvement in the past. Judging by the smiles we had an enjoyable time, helped no doubt by the fair weather. Congratulations to all who took part, whether you won medals or not. It is taking part, trying to improve your own abilities, and being part of a club that matters!


Our boys u11 relay team who provided us with some excitement!



Our team at Youghal


County Track & Field Championships (6th & 13th May)

The County Track and Field championships will be held over two days at CIT on 6th and 13th May. Please see the Track & Field tab above for events and rough guide times. We MUST register our entries for these two days by the end of THIS Thursday (19th April), so please inform the coaches at training on Thursday or contact us beforehand. We cannot ammend entries after Thursday. All  entrants must additionally be registered with the club in 2012 to be eligible for entry into the Counties.

East Cork Track & Field

The dates and events for the two East Cork Track and Field days have been announced as Saturday 14th April (Midleton) and Saturday 21st April (Youghal). Please look at the “Track & Field” tab above. These two days are a great chance to take part in friendly and local competitions. Come along and have a go!

Juvenile Training moves outdoors to Conna Pitch

Juvenile training has now moved outdoors to the Conna Pitch on Monday and Thursday evenings, 7pm to 8pm. Monday training sessions will be split into two halves allowing each athlete to try two different events. Thursdays will be used for more concentrated training where each athlete will be asked to choose just one event from those taking place that evening.  We hope that those who wish to take part in competitions this year will use Thursdays to increase their fitness and skill in their chosen events.

LITTLE ATHLETICS REMAINS in Conna Hall, Mondays, 7pm to 8pm until further notice.

2012 Track & Field Championships

This year’s track and field championships are fast approaching so please keep the following dates in mind.

     Day 1 East Cork Championships, Midleton, Sat 14th April.

     Day 2 East Cork Championships, Youghal, Sat 21st April.

     Day 1 County Juvenile T&F Championships, Sun 6th May.

     Day 2 County Juvenile T&F Championships, Sun 13th May.

We will display details of these events on the wall at training as soon as they become available.  Please think about which events you would like to do and work hard in your training!


Indoor Training on Thursday Evenings

Indoor training for those born in 2003 and older starts on Thursday 19th Jan at 7pm, Conna Sports Hall. Come along and improve your fitness and skills in preparation for the forthcoming Track and Field season.

Club AGM

The Club’s AGM meeting will be held at 8:30pm on Tuesday 17th Jan at Conna Hall. Parents, guardians and anyone involved with the club are invited to come along and contribute.

2012 Club Membership Fees

Membership fees for 2012 are now due. They are:

    Juvenile        euros 15/child        (for first two in a family)

                            euros 10/child       (for third, fourth …)

    Adult              euros 20/person

Please note that most of the membership fee covers registration with Athletics Ireland and insurance cover.