Gold Medal for Steve Dunning at the National Indoor Masters Championships 2022

We had an outstanding performance and a great achievement from our very own Track & Field coach Steve Dunning in the Irish Life Health National Indoor Masters Championships 2022 organised by Athletics Ireland on Sunday 30th January.

Steve jumped a fantastic 4.70 metres to take first place in the M55 category, bringing home the gold medal for St Catherines AC.

Huge congratulations from everyone in the club, Steve. You are an inspiration to all our athletes.

Results of the 3km Time Trial – 4th January 2022

Great to see so many people running the first 3km of the year! Well done to all who took part. Results as follows:

Mike Byrne100:11:40
Liam O'Connor200:11:48
Cian Dunning300:12:15
Brendan Hickey400:12:28
Brian Davis500:12:38
Ed Kenneally600:12:45
Chris O'Connell700:12:55
Sam Dunning800:13:11
John Mulcahy900:13:12
Lawrence O'Connor1000:13:18
Charlie Nicholson1100:13:19
Kevin Hayes1200:13:19
Declan Clancy1300:13:58
Kieran Murphy1400:14:53
James O'Connor1500:14:54
Maire Murphy1600:15:07
Steve Dunning1700:15:28
Sarah O'Connell1800:15:54
Denis McCarthy1900:15:55
Aoife O'Connor2000:16:07
Breda Lynch2100:16:07
Grace O'Connor2200:16:19
Kaylee O'Connor2300:16:45
Cliona Dunning2400:17:01
Aideen O'Connor2500:17:41
Meabh O'Connell2600:17:48
Ella O'Connor2700:17:48
Donal Howard2800:17:53
Emer O'Connor2900:19:50
Martina O'Connor3000:19:50

GOAL Mile Ballynoe 10:30-12:00 Christmas Day

The GOAL Mile is happening once again this year at the St. Catherine’s GAA pitch in Ballynoe between 10:30am and 12pm on Christmas Day. We are proud to say that this year will be our 15th year, and we remain one of a handful of Goal Mile events in the county. We’d love to see you there to either walk, jog or run the mile and help us once again raise much needed funds for this worthy charity that responds to humanitarian emergencies around the globe.  
As with last year, the event will be held in conformance with Government Covid-19 guidelines. If you are uncomfortable taking part but would like to contribute, please use the following fundraising page.
You can learn more about GOAL’s work and the GOAL Mile at

Thank you, and hopefully we will see you on the day!

St Catherine’s AC Charity 3km in aid of SVP

We had a fantastic turnout at tonights annual charity 3km in aid of St Vincent de Paul. 107 runners ran in 2 waves and the club raised €1222 in total for SVP. Sincere thanks to everyone who came out to support, and well done to all who took part. The results are as follows:

Overall PositionNameTime
1Kenneth O'Connell11:23
2Dave O'Connor11:31
3John Beecher11:40
4Liam O'Connor11:57
5Conor Hayes12:04
6Cian Dunning12:07
7Conor Ronayne12:11
8Trevor Geary12:12
9Jonathan Kenneally12:15
10Darragh Ronayne12:15
11Brian Davis12:23
12Stephen Collins12:36
13Brendan Hickey12:39
14Charlie Nicholson12:52
15James O'Connor12:54
16Keith Barry12:55
17Amy Kearney13:05
18Ed Keally13:06
19Shane Kearney13:07
20Shane Fitzgerald13:08
21Cara Kilmartin13:12
22John Mulcahy13:12
23Niamh Kilmartin13:13
24Cathal Barry13:13
25Kieran Harte13:19
26Sarah Mulcahy13:34
27Kevin Hayes13:54
28Amy O'Connell14:01
29Ted O'Leary14:01
30Alex Keane14:03
31Seamus Keane14:09
32Bill O'Keeffe14:11
33James Sheehan14:12
34Noah Keane14:13
35Ciara Hayes14:26
36Laura O'Flynn14:36
37Paul O'Flynn14:38
38John Kilmartin14:41
39Bill Leahy14:45
40Adam Blaiklok14:45
41Kieran Murphy14:48
42Denis McCarthy14:50
43Aine Kate O'Regan14:52
44Luke Kearney15:01
45Cathal Higgins15:15
46Aoife O'Connor15:19
47Jade Murphy15:20
48Adam O'Connor15:23
49Frances Barry15:29
50Grace O'Connor15:31
51Aine O'Meara15:35
52Kaylee O'Connor15:42
53Chloe Higgins15:43
54Ciara O'Connell15:43
55Annabel Murphy15:43
56Adam Fitzgerald15:48
57Amy Leahy15:49
58Cillian Fitzgerald15:51
59Ciara O'Connor15:52
60Marie O'Connor15:59
61Catherine Clancy16:03
62Ellie Barry16:13
63Ella O'Connor16:23
64Tom O'Keeffe16:29
65Liam Kilmartin16:33
66Maire Murphy16:46
67Alex Murphy16:46
68Noreen Daly16:55
69Fiona Higgins17:00
70Eadaoin O'Connor17:02
71Mark Early17:04
72Noel Early17:06
73Danny Collins17:08
74Ger Sheehan17:09
75Siobhan Hayes17:16
76Breda Lynch17:36
77Teegan Murphy17:36
78Evelyn Clayton17:43
79Willow O'Gorman17:48
80Meabh O'Connell17:54
81Aidan Barry18:07
82Lesley Feeney18:09
83Aisling Collins18:22
84Kathleen Keane18:22
85Mia Keane18:23
86Tricia Barry18:29
87Donal Howard18:46
88Padraig Barry18:47
89Liam Barry18:55
90Sean O'Keeffe19:25
91Fiona Fitzgerald21:46
92Marie Louise Keane21:55
93Una Barry21:56
94Jacinta Kilmartin22:08
95Ciara Goss22:10
96Frank Goss22:11
97Aran Pasaquay22:27
98Helen O'Keeffe22:35
99Beibhinn O'Regan22:36
100Emma Cogan22:37
101Aine O'Regan22:43
102Martina McIlvenna22:49
103Trish Leahy24:51
104Karen O'Keeffe24:52
105Elliot Pasaquay24:58
106Emily Broughan Henry28:12
107Emilia Cogan29:05

Results of the Couch to 5km Run in Conna – 6th November

The following are the results of the Couch to 5km Run which took place through Conna village this morning. Well done to everyone who took part on reaching the distance…

Fran Regan100:29:39
Bridget Rumbley200:30:33
Teresa Leahy300:31:10
Donal Howard400:31:10
Fiona Fitzgerald500:31:21
Laura OFlynn600:31:24
Donal Leahy700:31:53
Paul OFlynn800:31:54
Trisha Leahy900:35:59
Helen OConnor1000:36:41
Clodagh Fitzgerald1100:36:50
Noreen Spillane1200:36:50
Nuala Dunning1300:36:50
Maura ORegan1400:36:52
Aine ORegan1500:36:56
Emma Cogan1600:36:56
Jacinta Kilmartin1700:37:14
Betty Walsh1800:37:16
Karen OKeeffe1900:38:13
Bridget Nyamanhindi2000:39:11
Kieran Harte2100:39:12

Results of the 3km Time Trial – 2nd November

Conor Hayes100:11:07
Dave O'Connor200:11:16
Cian Dunning300:11:32
Brendan Hickey400:11:52
Stephen Collins500:12:07
Lawrence O'Connor600:12:26
John Mulcahy700:12:51
Sarah Mulcahy800:13:01
Frank Goss900:13:02
Kevin Hayes1000:13:06
Kieran Harte1100:13:13
Seamus Keane1200:13:28
Paul O'Flynn1300:13:35
Kieran Murphy1400:13:53
Roisin Ronayne1500:14:23
Laura O'Flynn1600:14:31
Denis McCarthy1700:14:36
Maire Murphy1800:14:49
Amy Leahy1900:14:49
Catherine Clancy2000:14:54
Kathleen Keane2100:15:17
Ella O'Connor2200:16:26
Evelyn Clayton2300:16:45
Aisling Collins2400:16:47
Fran Regan2500:17:04
Breda Lynch2600:17:09
Annette Leahy2700:17:44

Results of the 3km Time Trial – 5th October

Conor Hayes100:11:13
Cian Dunning200:11:37
Mike Byrne300:11:40
Stephen Collins400:11:58
Brendan Hickey500:11:59
John Mulcahy600:12:11
Frank Goss700:12:49
Kevin Hayes800:12:52
Sarah Mulcahy900:12:56
Laurence O'Connor1000:12:56
Kieran Harte1100:13:13
Kieran Murphy1200:13:51
Laura O'Flynn1300:13:54
Paul O'Flynn1400:13:55
Mia Keane1500:14:21
Amy Leahy1600:14:21
Roisin Ronayne1700:14:40
Catherine Clancy1800:15:07
Kathleen Keane1900:15:38
Denis McCarthy2000:16:28
Ella O'Connor2100:16:32
Evelyn Grant2200:16:44
Fran Reagan2300:17:36
Annette Leahy2400:18:41
Donal Howard2500:18:42

Results of the Cross Country Time Trial – 7th September

Well done to all who took part in the cross country time trial, results and distances run as follows:

Cian Dunning13km00:12:49
Doireann Hayes23km00:16:05
Ella O'Connor33km00:17:06
Sarah Mulcahy14.5km00:21:00
Roisin Ronayne24.5km00:23:52
Catherine Clancy34.5km00:24:17
Kathleen Keane44.5km00:26:01
Donal Howard54.5km00:31:21
Keith Barry16km00:27:04
Dave O'Connor26km00:27:22
Brendan Hickey36km00:27:35
Kevin Hayes46km00:27:55
John Mulcahy56km00:27:57
Frank Goss66km00:28:55
Kieran Harte76km00:29:19
Sam Dunning86km00:30:20
Kieran Murphy96km00:33:04
Denis McCarthy106km00:35:21

Summer Series 10km Route – Tues 3rd Aug 7:30pm

The route for the final 10km race in the St Catherine’s AC Summer Series is as shown on the map below. The start line is approx 1km from Lacken Hall on the Tallow side. The route will be marked. Parking available at the hall. Eircode for Lacken Hall is P51 F6YN. Race starts at 7:30pm this Tuesday.

Results of the Summer Race Series – 5 Mile 6th July

The third race of the St. Catherines A.C. Summer Series took place this evening from Shanakill up to Ballynoe and back over a 5 mile route. Well done to all who took part. Results as follows:

Summer Race Series
Tue 11 May 3k Conna community field
Tue 8 June 5k Ballynoe route
Tue 6 July 5 mile Shanakill/Ballynoe route
Tue 3 August 10k TBD

1Keith Kelly00:29:02
2Trevor Geary00:30:24
3David O'Connor00:31:16
4Chris O'Connell00:32:31
5St John O'Connor00:32:39
6Keith Barry00:32:51
7Darren Flynn00:33:12
8Alan Carr00:34:21
9John Mulcahy00:34:25
10Brendan Hickey00:34:35
11Ted O'Leary00:34:55
12Brendan O'Mahony00:35:00
13Frank Goss00:36:07
14Kevin Hayes00:36:19
15Natalie Nicholson00:36:27
16Laurence O'Connor00:38:05
17Kieran Harte00:38:17
18Paul O'Flynn00:38:51
19Mark Pyne00:39:21
20Pat Brunsfield00:39:27
21Richie Morrison00:39:34
22Adam Blaiklok00:40:07
23Paddy Ryan00:40:37
24Catherine Clancy00:41:09
25Denis McCarthy00:41:47
26Kieran Murphy00:42:18
27Kathleen Keane00:43:17
28Noreen Daly00:45:00
29John Walsh00:45:08