Results of the Virtual 3km Time Trial – 2nd March 2021

Jonathon Kenneally100:10:47
Dave O’Connor200:11:03
John Mulcahy300:11:42
Brendan Hickey400:11:55
Seamus Keane500:12:02
Chris O’Connell 600:12:09
Ted O'Leary700:12:30
Paddy Ryan800:12:51
Keith Barry900:12:58
Denis McCarthy1000:13:26
Kevin Hayes1100:14:50
Doireann Hayes1200:14:50
Caoimhe Hayes1300:15:43
Catherine Clancy1400:16:11

Annual St Vincent de Paul Charity 3km 2020

Well done to everyone who took part in our annual Christmas 3km event in aid of St. Vincent de Paul last night in Conna Sports Field. This years event was a very different affair due to covid restrictions, with atheletes setting off in small grouped waves to ensure social distancing requirements were observed.

The restricted interaction and social distancing didn’t dampen peoples spirits with some great running and an amazing €780 raised for SVP at this important time of year.

Well done to all who took part and many thanks for your generous donations! Also a big thank you to all the stewards, starters, time-keepers and covid compliance officers who made the night a safe and fun event for everyone.

Results are as follows:

Overall PositionNameCategoryTimeCategory Position
1Conor HayesJuvenile Male11:591
2Ryan WhelanJuvenile Male12:322
3Cian DunningJuvenile Male12:323
4Stephen RocheJuvenile Male12:404
5Natalie NicholsonAdult Female12:411
6John MulcahyAdult Male12:421
7Ted O'LearyAdult Male12:462
8Darragh RonayneJuvenile Male12:515
9Conor RonayneJuvenile Male12:556
10Charlotte NormanJuvenile Female12:561
11Kenneth O'ConnellJuvenile Male13:097
12Keith BarryAdult Male13:223
13Charlie NicholsonJuvenile Male13:318
14Aimee KearneyJuvenile Female13:502
15Kieran HarteAdult Male14:044
16Ciara HayesJuvenile Female14:063
17Denis McCarthyAdult Male14:085
18Sam DunningAdult Male14:106
19Danny O'BrienAdult Male14:157
20Kieran MurphyAdult Male14:198
21Adam BlaiklokAdult Male14:219
22James O'ConnorJuvenile Male14:219
23Paul O'FlynnAdult Male14:3310
24Oscar CunninghamJuvenile Male14:3910
25Aoife O'ReganJuvenile Female14:414
26Dyane WhelanAdult Female14:462
27Amy O'ConnellJuvenile Female14:525
28Molly O'ReganJuvenile Female15:026
29Ellie BarryJuvenile Female15:147
30Ciara O'ReganJuvenile Female15:198
31Georgina CunninghamAdult Female15:243
32Kevin GeaneyJuvenile Male15:3211
33Catherine ClancyAdult Female15:414
34Adam O'ConnorJuvenile Male15:5612
35Rachel RocheJuvenile Female15:579
36Alex KeaneJuvenile Male15:5913
37Frances BarryAdult Female15:595
38Junior SheehanAdult Male16:0011
39Eoin RonayneJuvenile Male16:0314
40Lara ByrneJuvenile Female16:0710
41Naoise WhelanJuvenile Female16:0811
42Ciara O'ConnorJuvenile Female16:0912
43Noah KeaneJuvenile Male16:0915
44Noreen DalyAdult Female16:096
45Ciara O'ConnorJuvenile Female16:1413
46Chloe HigginsJuvenile Female16:3014
47Niamh KearneyJuvenile Female16:4415
48Siobhan HayesAdult Female16:477
49Ella O'ConnorJuvenile Female16:5416
50Marie O'ConnorJuvenile Female17:2717
51Grace O'ConnorJuvenile Female17:2718
52Kaylee O'ConnorJuvenile Female17:2819
53Meabh O'ConnellJuvenile Female17:3120
54Aoife O'ConnorJuvenile Female17:3121
55Ger SheehanAdult Female17:338
56Steve DunningAdult Male17:3312
57Shane RiordanJuvenile Male17:4116
58Cathal HigginsJuvenile Male18:0417
59Fiona HigginsAdult Female18:179
60Paul HigginsAdult Male18:1813
61Aoife O'ConnorJuvenile Female18:5422
62Caoimhe HayesAdult Female18:5610
63Harvey CunninghamJuvenile Male19:0318
64Colin CunninghamAdult Male19:0514
65Katelyn HickeyJuvenile Female19:1623
66Anna ByrneJuvenile Female19:1724
67Teegan MurphyJuvenile Female19:1925
68Alesha HickeyJuvenile Female19:2526
69Annabel MurphyJuvenile Female19:2927
70Alex MurphyJuvenile Male19:3019
71Caoimhe RiordanJuvenile Female19:4028
72Aideen O'ConnorJuvenile Female19:5829
73Roisin O'ReganJuvenile Female19:5830
74Nuala DunningAdult Female20:0511
75Bebhinn O'ReganJuvenile Female20:3432
76Nuala KeeffeAdult Female20:5012
77Aine Kate O'ReganJuvenile Female21:0233
78Jake MurphyJuvenile Male21:0320
79Aine O'ReganJuvenile Female21:0434
80Maire MurphyAdult Female21:0513
81Isla RyanJuvenile Female22:0131
82Paddy RyanAdult Male22:0215
83Sarah O'ConnellJuvenile Female22:1135
84Martina McIlvennaAdult Female22:1114
85Ciaran O'ConnorJuvenile Male22:2121
86Mia KeaneJuvenile Female24:5836
87Kate CoakleyJuvenile Female24:5937
88Kathleen KeaneAdult Female25:0115
89Tadgh ShielsJuvenile Male25:3322
90Ada ShielsJuvenile Female26:0138
91Brendan HickeyAdult Male26:1716
Position/CategoryJuvenile FemaleJuvenile MaleAdult FemaleAdult Male
1Charlotte NormanConor HayesNatalie NicholsonJohn Mulcahy
2Aimee KearneyRyan WhelanDyane WhelanTed O'Leary
3Ciara HayesCian DunningGeorgina CunninghamKeith Barry

St Catherine’s AC annual Christmas 3km 2020

St Catherine’s AC annual Christmas 3km in aid of St Vincent de Paul takes place next Tuesday the 8th in Conna sports field. All race entry donations go to SVP at this important time of year and there will be a collection point there on the night.

The running of this will be a lot different than other years but we guarantee you will still have fun and if you don’t you can do another 3k for free.  Its important that we follow the guidelines that are laid out here.


  • 6:30pm to 7:30pm
  • Turn up and run
  • Times will be recorded


  • 7:30pm to 8:30pm
  • Runners will be places in groups of 12 and start times will be staggered
  • All runners will need to complete a Covid Questionnaire
  • If you need to warm up or cool down then this should be done away from the field
  • Leave the field as soon as you are finished your run
  • Times will be recorded and results posted online

If you have any question you can reach out to the commitee.