Results of the 3km Time Trial – 5th September

Cian Dunning111:07
Steven Carr211:11
John Beecher311:42
Noel Early411:55
Dave O'Connor511:57
Sarah Mulcahy612:13
Ciara Hayes712:23
Charlotte Norman812:51
Kieran Harte912:52
Ella Higgins1013:33
Breda Lynch1113:39
Paul O'Flynn1213:35
Caoimhe Burke1313:51
Tessa O'Leary1414:04
Ellen O'Keeffe1514:33
Laura O'Flynn1614:35
Steve Dunning1714:59
Kieran Murphy1815:14
Laura Browne1915:50
Sarah O'Connor2016:58

Results of the Summer Series – 5 mile 11th July 2023

Well done to all running on a lovely night to take on the small hill up to Ballynoe

1Cian Dunning31:41
2John Beecher31:46
3Dave O'Conner32:05
4Richie Lynch33:15
5Stephen Collins33:45
6Sarah Mulcahy34:33
7Brendan Hickey34:41
8Kieran Harte36:10
9John Mulcahy36:27
10Breda Lynch36:40
11David Barry36:56
12Declan Clancy37:45
13Alan Carr38:02
14Pat Bransfield38:59
15Laura O'Flynn40:17
16Paul O'Flynn40:41
17Steve Dunning42:39
18Adam Blaiklock43:35
19Denis McCarthy44:00
20Catherine Clancy44:50
21Noreen Daly47:11
22Kathleen Keane47:38
23Marguerite O'Flynn47:38
24Siobhan Hayes47:57
25Ian Hegerty48:22

Results of the Summer Series – 5km 13th June

Well done to all running on a warm night in the 2nd run of our summer series.

1Cian Dunning19:31
2Pat Costigan19:52
3Dave O'Connor20:01
4Richie Lynch20:01
5John Beecher20:02
6Stephen Collins20:37
7Keith Barry20:52
8Bill O'Keeffe21:00
9Brendan Hickey21:32
10Kevin Hayes22:09
11David Barry22:19
12Declan Clancy23:06
13Alan Carr23:38
14Noel Early23:38
15Ted O'Leary24:19
16Pat Bransfield24:34
17Frances Barry24:49
18Steve Dunning25:11
19Adam O'Connor25:45
20Denis McCarthy26:03
21Seamus Keane26:06
22Richard Morrison26:18
23Catherine Clancy27:44
24Fiona Higgins28:06
25Kathleen Keane29:37
26Marguerite Flynn30:22
27Ian Hegarty30:23
28Ella O'Connor37:03

Results of the Summer Series – 3km 9th May

The first race of this years Summer Series took place this evening. Results are below. Well done to everyone who took part…

Cian Dunning110:25
Mike Byrne210:27
Pat Costigan310:43
Richie Lynch410:54
John Beecher511:01
Dave O'Connor611:08
Keith Barry711:20
Stephen Collins811:31
St John O'Connor911:35
Brendan Hickey1011:36
Chris O'Connell1111:53
Sarah Mulcahy1211:54
Breda Lynch1312:08
Allan Carr1412:17
Sam Dunning1512:19
John Power1612:37
Declan Clancy1712:38
Kieran Harte1812:44
Pat Bransfield1913:01
Ted O'Leary2013:25
Steve Dunning2113:36
Noah Keane2213:37
Laura O'Flynn2313:41
Aisling Holmes2413:44
Kieran Murphy2514:31
Paul O'Flynn2614:40
Denis McCarthy2714:49
Fiona Higgins2815:14
Sarah O'Connor2915:17
Barry Drennan3015:27
Kathleane Keane3115:53
Marguerite Flynn3216:17
Siobhan Hayes3316:23
Sean Madden3416:36
Ian Hegarty3516:37
Emer O'Connor3617:30
Laurence O'Connor3717:32

Results of the 3km Time Trial – 4th April

Cian Dunning111:05
Richie Lynch211:51
Ciara Hayes311:53
Caoimhe Grey Walsh412:10
Charlotte Norman512:15
Keith Barry612:22
Pat Costigan712:25
Brendan Hickey812:35
Kieran Harte913:02
Breda Lynch1013:35
Eamonn G1114:09
Ellie Barry1214:25
Trish Barry1315:59

St Catherine’s AC Christmas 3km in aid of SVP

Well done to everyone who took part in tonights Christmas 3km in aid of St Vincent de Paul.

Over €1000 was raised by the club and community for this great cause at this special time of year.

Sincere thanks to everyone who took part and contributed so generously. A Merry Christmas to all!

3km results below:

1Jack Leizck11:30
2Conor Hayes11:36
3Cian Dunning12:03
4Conor Ronayne12:15
5Darragh Ronayne12:23
6Charlie Nicholson12:26
7Charlotte Norman12:29
8Ed Kenneally12:35
9Pat Costigan12:35
10Aimee Kearney12:41
11Shane Kearney12:42
12Richie Lynch12:50
13Keith Barry12:53
14Caoimhe Gray Walsh13:03
15St John O'Connor13:07
16Brendan Hickey13:16
17Dave O'Connor13:22
18Bill O'Keeffe13:24
19Mike Byrne13:24
20Bill Leahy13:25
21Donal Geaney13:25
22Cathal Barry13:26
23John Beecher13:55
24Kieran Harte14:06
25Hannah Barry14:09
26Breda Lynch14:20
27Declan Clancy14:30
28Adam Blaiklok14:35
29Paul Higgins14:42
30Ciara Hayes15:01
31Ella Higgins15:02
32Sophie O'Connor15:10
33Aoife O'Connor15:10
34Grace O'Connor15:14
35Cathal Higgins15:17
36Cillian Fitzgerald15:21
37Eoin Ronayne15:23
38Grace Higgins15:23
39James O'Connor15:31
40Dara Mulcahy15:32
41Steve Dunning15:37
42Simone Fitzgerald15:39
43Lucy Geaney15:50
44Will Leahy15:52
45Ciaran O'Connor16:30
46Aine O'Regan16:42
47Catherine Clancy16:44
48Beabhin O'Regan16:47
49Kaylee O'Connor16:54
50Roisin O'Connor16:54
51Fionn O'Connor16:55
52Chloe Higgins16:57
53Marie O'Connor17:02
54Trish Barry17:03
55Ellen O'Keeffe17:08
56Adam O'Connor17:13
57Aidan Barry17:27
58Siobhan Hayes17:33
59Fiona Higgins17:37
60Ella O'Connor17:43
61Denis McCarthy18:29
62Aine Kate O'Regan18:31
63Aideen O'Connor18:39
64Padraig Barry18:46
65Liam Barry18:47
66Donal Howard19:44

Athletics Ireland National Novice and Uneven Age Cross Country Championships – December 4th

St Catherine’s A.C. will host the National Novice & Uneven Age Cross Country Championships on Sunday 4th December in Garryann, Conna.
Course Preview can be found here
This national event will draw thousands of participants and spectators from all over Ireland.

More information about the event at the link below: