Results of Remote 3km Time Trial – 2nd June

Allan Carr110:55
John Mulcahy210:57
Conor Hayes311:16
Brendan Hickey412:12
Kieran Harte512:14
Ted O'Leary612:20
Paul O'Flynn712:28
Laura O'Flynn813:23
Kevin Hayes913:26
Denis McCarthy1013:31
Peter Ryan1113:39
Ciara Hayes1213:57
Adam Blaiklock1314:13
Kathleen Keane1415:28
Siobhan Hayes1516:12

Results of Remote 3km Time Trial – 5th May

Results below from remote 3km time trial for May submitted by club members and local runners. Well done all to all for getting out and submitting a time on a miserable evening!

John Mulcahy111:14
Conor Hayes211:58
Brendan Hickey312:30
Ted O'Leary412:33
Kevin Hayes512:41
Chris O'Connell612:45
Denis McCarthy713:05
Kieran Harte813:26
Allan Carr914:14
Jonathan Kenneally1014:24
Ciara Hayes1114:34
Aimee Kearney1214:39
Catherine Clancy1314:51
Laura O'Flynn1414:52
Paul O'Flynn1515:05
Sarah O'Connell1615:06
Kathleen Keane1716:23

Fun Ways to Stay Fit – Telephone Pole Intervals

Why not try an interval session within the 2km limit set for the current lockdown. After a warmup, sprint the distance between two telephone poles, then jog back one telephone pole, and repeat until you reach 2 kilometres.

Stay safe and healthy, and always observe HSE recommended social distancing guidelines!!

HSE guidelines to protect yourself and others:

Results of Remote 3km Time Trial – 7th April

Results below from remote 3km time trials submitted by club members and local runners. Well done all on some great times!

Trevor Geary110:11
Frank Hayes210:34
James Hayes310:39
Conor Hayes411:16
Chris O'Connell511:33
Brendan Hickey612:11
Kevin Hayes712:39
Paul O'Flynn812:48
Keith Barry912:55
Kieran Harte1013:00
Laura O'Flynn1113:16
Denis McCarthy1213:32
Doireann Hayes1313:57
Ciara Hayes1414:24
Kathleen Keane1514:50
Caoimhe Hayes1615:16
Catherine Clancy1715:29
Aisling Collins1817:42

10km Garden Challenge

Are you going to join club member who are taking part in an unique challenge this Easter Saturday 11th April. We will be taking part in a 10k challenge in our gardens at 10am. 10k of running and the only rule is that you must do it in your garden no matter the number of laps. And if there are smaller kids who want to get involved why not have them join in with 1km, or relay or whatever they can manage. Earn those Easter Eggs 🙂

We are recommending a charity in Feed the Heroes on below link for anyone who feels motivated to donate to this brilliant cause.

For anyone who wishes to join us it’s simple, 10am on 11th April, run 10k in your garden. Post pictures online, dress in fancy dress, the time and speed doesn’t matter. Let’s build some positivity around staying at home! Use #10kgardenchallenge & #stayathome if you are posting on social media.

Charity recommendation



Fun Ways to Stay Fit – 30 Days of Core

Core strength and stability is probably one of the most important as well as the most neglected factor in athletics.

Check out the following 30 day core plan and think about keeping this up for the month of April.

  • Get everyone in the family involved.
  • Where you can, print it out and stick it on the wall.
  • Tick off each day you complete an activity/session.

This kind of core workout is especially useful with current restrictions on movement and fitness activities.

Stay fit, stay well and stay safe.



Training alternatives in the current climate – Intervals

While all official training activities are suspended in this current climate of isolation and social distancing, it is still possible to stay fit (and sane) by getting in some training individually, while always observing HSE guidelines for spacing/social distancing.

If you want to keep up some interval training in the field on an individual basis, the layout below will help with marking out 400 and 1000 metre intervals.

Stay safe and healthy, and always observe HSE recommended social distancing guidelines!!

HSE guidelines to protect yourself and others:

Result of 3km Time Trial – 3rd March

Conor Hayes112:35
Ted O'Leary212:42
Brendan Hickey312:48
Natalie Nicholson412:53
Kieran Harte513:05
Kevin Hayes613:18
Peter Ryan713:52
Laurence O'Connor813:55
Sara Barry914:24
Paul O'Flynn1014:28
Denis McCarthy1114:56
Laura O'Flynn1215:27
Jenny Quirke1315:48
Steve Dunning1417:06
Aisling Collins1517:29
Sharon Aherne1617:42
Aisling McCarthy1719:00
Aine O'Regan1819:00
Nicola O'Donoghue1919:03