3k Series 2016-2017 Final Results

Well done to everyone who took part in our Winter 3k Series which ran from September 2016 to April 2017. Full Results below. Special mentionĀ to the 6 who ranĀ all 6 time trials.

John Beecher11.2710.5210.3111.1511.2112.38
Chris O'Connell12.0411.3911.3212.1212.1111.23
Kevin Hayes12.2111.5911.3312.2412.1511.24
Brendan Hickey13.1112.3312.2212.4112.4912.12
Denis McCarthy12.4512.2111.5712.2813.3413.26
Conor Hayes13.3913.4813.0113.3713.4713.01
Mike Byrne10.4410.45
Ted O'Leary11.5712.0511.55
Paul Mulcahy12.53
James Hayes13.08
Kieran Harte13.2613.1413.02
Joaquin Toro Nunez13.2812.44
Aidan Barry13.4214.19
Alan Carr11.0111.2611.3411.42
Liam O Connor12.0912.07
John Mulcahy12.2512.4912.3211.49
Paul O Connell12.5112.26
Paul McGuinness14.1414.1713.06
Shane Kearney10.33
Eoin Condon11.54
Pat Costigan12.21
Daniel Mangan12.28
Laurance O Conor12.3712.5413.12
Shane O Brien13.12
Rory Galvin13.31
Cormac Galvin14.45
Stephen Carr12.48
Dave O'Connor12.27
Keith Barry16.3215.1513.43
Adrian Tanner16.3315.1515.13
James Villalain14.313.43
Dean Ward13.34
Steve Dunning13.39
Sam Dunning13.49
Darren Fitzgerald13.58
Patrick Clancy17.48
Georgina Cunningham14.46
Tricia Barry15.0415.5515.4915.55
Catherine Clancy15.0914.4415.2914.52
Siobhan Hayes16.24
Ger Sheehan16.51
Sharon Murphy17.05
Jackie Cronin14.4813.24
Tamzin Coady15.3818.1917.3615.56
Aine O Reagan15.5918.3918.01
Emear Doyle17.08
Anne Lane19.5122.33
Laura Hayes11.1712.01
Caoimhe Hayes13.0613.3613.31
Natalie Nicholson13.2513.48
Sarah Mulcahy13.3113.4715.1313.51
Helen Lane18.4216.37
Caroline Motherway16.26
Sara Barry12.59
Brid Barry21.4420.46
Sadhbh Barry16.32
Noleen Tanner21.54
Laura Browne18.11