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Cork Athletics Juvenile TandF Championships – Entries for Day1 (6th May)

Entries for Juvenile athletes wishing to take part in the Cork Athletics Juvenile T&F County Championships need to be submitted this week. Please text Frank Hayes (0876192070) by Thursday night 26th April with the athletes name and chosen events.

A list of events for Day 1 can be found at the following link or in the post below.

Cork Athletics Juvenile T&F Championships 2018

CIT Track, 10am Sunday May 6th 2018

Schedules of Events

Check in 10am        Start 10:30am

All Long Hurdles G&B U14 – 200h – G&B U15 & U16 – 250h, G&B U17 –  300h

G&B U18 & U19 – 400h
500m – BU10, GU10 Heats
600m GU12, BU12, G13, B13 Heats
Steeplechase Boys & Girls U17 – U 19

Check in 12:30  –  CIT side

       Heats of Boys and Girls U/9
•    Sprint Hurdles Boys and Girls U12,U13 (Heats followed by Final) Boys and Girls U14
Check in 12.30 – Sprints – Stand side
•    Sprints Boys & Girls U11, U15, U16, U17, U18, U19 Heats
•    All  Semi Finals and Final at stand side

Check in 2:30pm

•    400m Boys and Girls U 17 – U19 Heats
•    1500m U14, U15, U16, U17, U18, U19 Boys and Girls
•    500m/600m/400m Finals

Field Events: 10:30 am                    Check in 10am

10:30 am

1.    Javelin:       BU14, BU15, B U17, BU18, BU19, BU16, BU13
2.    High Jump:  BU11, BU18, BU16, GU15, GU17, GU13, G11, BU14, BU19
3.    Shot:          GU12, GU11, GU13, GU18, GU19, GU15, GU16, GU17, GU14
4.    Discus:       GU13, GU14, GU15, GU16, GU17, GU18, GU19


5.    Long Jump      G18, G19, G12, G14, G16, B12
BU13, B15, B17, B10, GU10


6.    Turbo-Javelin:      G9, B9, GU11, B11 – as runways are available


7.     Pole Vault:         BU19, BU18, BU17, BU16, BU15, G15, GU16, GU17, GU18, GU19

8.     Hammer:           BU13, BU14, BU15, BU16, BU17, BU18, BU19

Tallow 5k Results 31/3/2018

Mens Results

Position Name Club Time
1 Noel Early St Catherines 19.05
2 Alan Carr St Catherines 19.09
3 Jonathan Kenneally St Catherines 19.32
4 Pat Costigan St Catherines 19.37
5 Paul Curley Youghal AC 19.41
6 Kieran Murphy St Catherines 20.47
7 Kevin Hayes St Catherines 21.08
8 Ron Ilsley n/a 21.18
9 Brendan Hickey St Catherines 21.31
10 Kieran Harte St Catherines 21.38
11 Sean Gleeson n/a 21.58
12 Ted O’Leary West Waterford 23.05
13 Cian Hogan MourneAbbey 23.12
14 Ed Galvin St Catherines 23.13
15 Billy Cantillion n/a 23.17
16 Tom Leahy n/a 23.44
17 Ryan Whelan St Catherines 24.08
18 Paddy Ryan St Catherines 24.29
19 pat Downs Limerick 25.35
20 Pat O’Keeffe n/a 26.07
21 Sean Mangan n/a 28.17
22 Peter Sealy n/a 31.01
23 Adam Pratt n/a 34.05
24 Sean Walsh St Catherines 34.09
25 John Hennessy n/a 34.25

Womens Results

Position Name Club Time
1 Kate Veale West Waterford 20.09
2 Stephine Ilsley n/a 22.03
3 Neesha Whelan St Catherines 22.55
4 Catherine Clancy St Catherines 24.02
5 Georgina Cunningham St Catherines 24.12
6 Sarah O’Connor St Catherines 24.25
7 Trish Barry St Catherines 24.33
8 Maura Murphy St Catherines 24.46
9 Emer Twomey n/a 24.55
10 Aine Henley n/a 26.04
11 Noreen Daly St Catherines 26.28
12 Kayleigh Hogan MourneAbbey 26.34
13 Ger Sheehan St Catherines 26.37
14 Fiona Higgins St Catherines 27.23
15 RoseMary Mcdonnell n/a 27.42
16 Maeve Condon n/a 28.11
17 Leslie Feeney St Catherines 28.13
18 Mary Lee St Catherines 28.31
19 Hannah Murphy St Catherines 28.53
20 Betty Walsh St Catherines 29.37
21 Leah O’Meara n/a 30.27
22 Deirdre Tobin n/a 30.28
23 Clone Lomassney Grange Fermoy 30.59
24 Noelle Feeney n/a 31.13
25 Michelle McCormack n/a 31.2
26 Lena McCarthy n/a 32.04
27 Rhona Casey n/a 32.3
28 Mary Flanagan St Catherines 32.33
29 Emma Byrne St Catherines 34.48
30 Nuala Goode n/a 38.21
31 Deirdre Donnelly n/a 38.23
32 Ann Kinsella n/a 38.31
33 Fran Mangan n/a 39.22

Track and Field 2018

St. Catherine’s Athletics Club

Forthcoming Track & Field Events


East Cork T&F Championships, Day 1, CIT                       8th April

East Cork T&F Championships, Day 2, Youghal               29th April

Cork Juvenile T&F Championships, Day1, CIT                   6thMay

Cork Juvenile T&F Championships, Day2, CIT                   13th May

Cork Juvenile T&F Combined Events, CIT                          20th May

Cork T&F Juvenile-B, & Relays, CIT                                     27th May

Munster Juvenile Games & U12/U13 T&F                        2nd/3rd June

Munster U14 to U19 T&F, Waterford                                16th/17thJune

Munster Juvenile B T&F                                                       21stJuly

Adult training sessions

Last Tuesday was the last night of 400s until next September, 3k next week.
If there is interest there will be basic training for adults in long jump, throws, sprints and short middle distance for the month of April on a Tuesday or Wednesday night and then at the first week in May, June and July to measure and record you doing these events.
This depends on numbers interested so please let Frank know (0876192070) if you’re interested and which night.

Awards Night presentation